Manajumas set bonus + bad medicine?

Witch Doctor
Does the poison cloud effect from the set bonus set off bad medicine for the 20% debuff? I'm wondering if using the set would be worth it for higher mp farming.
Yeah, it triggers Bad Medicine, but that's not enough reason to get the set. Long term, you'll get better versatility out of a String of Skulls. Stick with Rain, and change Gary's rune to Big Stinker - it's generally enough to keep BM happy. Plague Bats is another good skill to slam into the mix as well.
The tool tip says whenever you do poison damage you reduce enemy damage by 20% so it should count.
Besides you use bears and AC so it would be a good fit.

However, you need to do some gearing up before heading for higher MP.
Check out my bad medicine build see if it helps. Locusts,poison toads, bears, acid (lob bomb, and dogs (poison rune)

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