Logged in private game and died instantly?

Lulz, not complaining, just bragging and curious if anyone knows what went wrong. I logged into a private game, it said it needed to load content. I sat patiently waiting and after the loading finished it logged into show my dead body on the ground in some random place in act II. Some bugs had killed me and were standing over my body.

Anyone know what the cause was? Do we not log into town usually anymore (I haven't played for several months).

RIP Bowie... lvl 20 wiz
Often times you log back in at your most recent checkpoint. Sorry for your loss!
You picked up a checkpoint somewhere while you were questing. RIP, always start a new quest to prevent things like this :(

RIP Bowie... lvl 20 wiz

That's just silly.... Bowie was a HERO class, not a caster!

What a great game...

Sucks about your Wiz though, sorry to hear that. Good luck with HC, Blizzard doesn't give two !@#$s about this part of town.
Sucks man, monsters spawning at waypoints sucks !@# when you lag.
Sorry to hear about your wizard.

Just to add more detail, currently, your last checkpoint is where your character will re-spawn the next time you resume a game. This will be changing in 1.0.7 where you will always spawn in town and there will be portal to where your last checkpoint was.

The game currently has this initial texture load lag which can last up to a 30 seconds. Sometimes you may re-spawn outside of town and there won't be any monsters around but the first mob that you meet, you will encounter serious lag which can get you killed.

This is why the suggestion to basically go into Change Quest and start a new quest. Just a warning though, with some quests, you will lose your previous progress unless you picked up the next checkpoint. A good example is during the Heart of Sin quest. Say you exited at the Arreat Crater Level 2 waypoint. If you start a new quest and then try to go back to the Heart of Sin quest, you will to need to re-clear from Arreat Crater Level 1.

What I do when progressing is to end the run when I get a checkpoint. The next time I resume playing, I change the difficulty level to a lower one for the same quest and start game. I do this so that I can get the game client to at least buffer most of the non random texture and map data. I'll also play through for a few minutes, portal back to town, exit game, then change back the difficulty.

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