Unsupported video card?

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Have been playing Diablo 3 quite happily until I now cannot log in due to unsupported video card?
Same with me... and it listed my video card, an NVIDIA GeForce 9600 ..... which isnt even on the list of unsupported cards
My Card is a Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 TI which doesnt show on the list as unsupported . Yet, when I try to log
on this morning it will not allow it to go past this screen.
Read the sticky above on this forum. This is a known issue and the work around are posted there.
Pressing the 'esc' key when you see the message should be enough.
same here with the gforce 8600 card
Same here for me. geforce 9600
It's an issue that is being worked on apparently. Same thing happened to me and i've been playing since the game came out in May. I have a GeForce 9700
me either. this is crap! ive got 500+ hrs of play with my current NVidia setup, and suddenly i cant play my s##t? WTF!
Thanks hotshot! ESC worked great!

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