Why are items on the AH like 10 thousand billion gold..

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why do the people so mean in this game? call OP is trash. How many hours do you play, and how many hours do OP play?
To a certain extent, I can feel the OP's pain. But you need to grind, grind, grind, and find better gear to use / sell over time.

Still, many have pointed out in this thread that it wouldn't cost much at all to seriously upgrade the OP's character. This is also true.

But what we are overlooking are the flippers, those with mountains of gold already, who are buying up items and setting the prices monopoly style because they can simply afford to do so. Playing the Auction house can be more fun than playing the game itself, hmmm? You can't deny that this is indeed happening, seen it too many times already, last time was when I tried to upgrade my nat's ring: the one I wanted got bought up for 110 million, 5 minutes later it was back in AH for 300 million. When you've got the gold at hand, pretty easy to buy up all the best stat items of a particular kind then set the price.
yet the OP has less than 2000 E kills..lol
Remember this is auction tycoon with meta game. Working as intended. You got a few options just play with finding gear and hope u get lucky.

Use the auction house and buy gold. !@#$ty but whatever.

Or quit and go play a game that's actually a game and not a auction simulator with a Arpg attached to it...
you're seeing the top tier gear in game that takes the thousands of collective manhours to end up with a few that are "curated" for auction.

and you expect it to be cheap?

if its rare and desirable, it won't be cheap.

furthermore, with something like 1mil gold, you can make barb that can kill azmodan in mp10,
with 50m gold, you can possible make a wiz that can farm mp5.

going from 50m (for a set) to 2bil per item is a huge exponential rise, but its no more the difference between a honda/toyota vs a ferrari/lambo
@ OP - You just have to win the lottery a couple times....err...I mean find a couple good items...err, no I do mean win the lottery, post them in the GAH, then you should have many millions to spend.

Its just too bad that winning the lottery has nothing to do with skill or time investment and everything to do with luck. RNG steamrolls everyone but the lucky.
Wow... It's amazing how many of you seriously have no lives...

"I've picked up x-billion amount of gold..."

Seriously?? How many hours have you sunk into this game?? Get a life! You may need professional help...
Play hardcore, you'll be happier.
Wow... It's amazing how many of you seriously have no lives...

"I've picked up x-billion amount of gold..."

Seriously?? How many hours have you sunk into this game?? Get a life! You may need professional help...

Give them some respect. They bit the lord of boring....
Having played D3 from the day of release (with some small breaks), I can tell you that the economy (and game difficulty) is much more friendly to new players now than it was pre-1.05. There are plenty of OK items under 10 mil that can get you through Inferno mp0-2 without much trouble. Something else to consider is the class you play, which really determines how expensive items are. A DH from the ground up is not advisable, though this is what I have done. Barbarian gear will likely get you the most value for your gold (as most play Barb so there is a large supply). Monk specific gear can be very cheap, although I wouldn't doubt that prices will rise given new changes in 1.07 and the addition of PvP. When seeking items, go for VALUE. It might take a while, but with some patience you can land something reasonably priced.

If you don't want to find your own gear to sell, the AH itself provides the best opportunity to make gold fast. You can flip a few items and then buy some UNID's. I know someone that only plays the AH and rarely ever actually plays the game anymore. Auction House Tycoon indeed. I don't do it, but I can't deny that it works.

But to answer the original question, it's a combination of the rarity of great rolls on gear and the tycoons that set the prices, having built quite the collections to list. Good luck.
I have over 35k elite kills and I agree with OP...but this is what happens when a game is turned into a business
a lot of items overpriced because sellers and buyers dont have a convenient way to find the fair market price.

Add the ability to search recently sold items. 2-4 weeks of data. Buying and selling becomes much easier.
I have over 35k elite kills and I agree with OP...nuff said

i have 40 and i agree with him too
Why are Ferraris like 202193812093812 USD? It's srsly BS. IMO a car should get you to point B from A, it should not be price so much just coz it pretty luk

I want a Ferrari, but rly? I dont wanna spend all that money, it mite take me years!

02/07/2013 02:25 AMPosted by Trance
There is a very simple logic in that. Bots run the economy and credit card warriors buy the items/gold to buy the items. All of the rest are !@#$ed in this game.

LOL, who the hell buys items with real money? That's absurd! I thought that was just a little gimmick Blizz implemented just to seal their little buttholes from taking it in any deeper.
02/07/2013 06:06 PMPosted by SeeknDestroy
That's what happens when you allow players to buy gold with real money, gold becomes less and less valuable very quickly.

Lost of player is the main reasons . everyone left and sale gold, 120M copy and at least everyone have 10M+ gold....

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