Getting Sold on DW

Demon Hunter
I just got obscenely lucky on the Auction House the moment it came back on this morning.

I bought a Danetta's Spite:

1065 DPS
435-897 dmg, 1.60 APS
248min, 313 Max
47% Damage
186 Dex
97 CD
9 Max Disc
Open Socket

... for 500k. Yes. 500k. *faint*

So now that i have this DSpite, I decided to start experimenting with DW.

Here's what I get for trading out my DML for a DSpite:

+20k DPS (almost exactly)
-98 Dex
-10 CC
+197 CD (with Radiant Star Emerald)
-200 Vitality (on the DML)
-1.33 Hatred Regen (DML)
- skill bonus (13% HA on DML)
-4% IAS (19% DML)

In the end, I've got a lot more DPS, about 11k HP loss, and a pretty significant drop in CC (nightstalker procs, etc).

HOWEVER, it's pretty damn fun. +10 Awesomeness
+9 Disc
Wow nice find! I'd love to go back to DW but with my spec I can't lose 300vit. I'd probably just flip it.
I'm considering flipping it for sure, 'cause I really did want to upgrade my DML to a 300/300 and I could use the boost. Even still, for now it's so friggun fun.
check dps after swapping out 3 Radiant em for Radiant Ams to put back 174 vit
(I think it will cost you 13-15k dps)

also lost 1.33 hate regen and some NS/sec for +9 disc

for 500k, fine
you get to play around with a new feel - but I don't think you are better off numbers-wise, certainly if this was more like a 10+m investment
I'll give you 750k! That's a 50% profit! ;-)

Nice find man, that's awesome. Had my best flip recently when I got a SOJ with 30% elite, 6% strafe crit, and 6% fire damage for 5 mil. Sold it for 250 :)
I had a buy another day where someone sold a 250 DPS Spectrum Sword for 200k.

I flipped it for 25M. hehehe
I'd wait to flip it. The danetta spite looks to be the poor mans calamity. With the new rubys to come out.

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