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What would you do to improve this game? There is no time settings here, it could be pre-release of the game or even now.

Here are my own opinions and ideas, I know some are not realistic but I just put it here to share my thoughts.

1. Remove 300% base mf cap.

2. Add in weapon switch hot key just like d2's (mf swapping, weapon swapping for different passives skill bonus)

3. Unlimited paragon levels.

4. Remove entire RMAH.

5. Add in Cash shop to buy character skins or equipment skins ( more character customization), double mf, double gold find, double exp coupons.

6. Monthly subscription fee (I dont know if its a good idea, but as a developer, it should be good for the company since rmah is removed)

7.Hold special events once in a while for players to get unique event items.

8. Double exp event for a short period of time on every weekends.

9. Remove all level requirements on all skill runes (runes only, not skill itself), make runes selection irreversible, If you want to change to a different rune, use the cash shop or make a new character. It will encourage players to play the game more and longer to try out different builds out of curiosity,

10. Bring back the elemental effects on weapons and skills from d2. (not just cold/snare only)

This post is not up for any serious debates, Im just sharing my own opinions, you can add in whatever you can think of as well.
Agree with most of them but disagree with monthly subscription fee when there is cash shop for skins and w/e.

#11 remove "unique equipped"

#12 Lobby

#13 runes and runewords

#14 Teleport between acts

#15 "ID all items" npc

Haven't played the game for a while, these are all I remember what I hoped for.
#16 - Lower the damage of spirit spenders back to what they were but make them spammable like the other 4 classes can do with their abilities when they gear for it.
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02/01/2013 03:50 AMPosted by Daracon
What would you do to improve this game?

Would make some quick fixes and release that whole package in one go, and as fast as possible:

1) remove nonsense class specific rolls from class specific items

2) up base damage and base prop values for level 61+ items so the rng will be less redicilous.

3) add id all button to inventory window

Edit: (bloody hell how could I forget this one???)

4) open up waypoints to previous acts.

And after that some things that will take a bit longer, probably in this order (and release them one at a time):

1) Increase monster density for a lot of almost empty places and make sure that some of the simple events (like monsters coming out of a burial tomb) have a chance to spawn five to ten times as much monsters.

2) widen up the dungeons and add a few levels for some of them. Activiting them at random but making sure that IF the dungeon is deep, it will have a guaranteed resplendid chest... and TWO elite groups guarding them... ;)

3) introduce some low-end and mid-end legendaries and set items that have a more common drop rate (also dropping in inferno so people can still grind them for alts)

4) add a lobby to bnet v2 with custom game names

I think number 4 is the most difficult / time consuming from a technical point of view, so therefor I've placed it last. If more people play, the need for a lobby lessens.. a bit.

That's what I would do.

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