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I can't find anything on the idea, but out of all the health potions I have there should be some kind of crafting for health potions.

4 of the best in game potions (12k heal) and have one of the vendors combine them from 12k health to 24k health potions.

As it is unless you have +4321 to health globe gear health potions are completely useless. 12k goes just as fast as you hit it. I don't use them often, but I would deff craft all my potions if I had the option.
or you can actually use what the game provides and get globe bonus like:

or you can cry and ask for endless buffs

It's a crafting idea to add something new to the game. Thanks for trolling though.

You need to realize the difference between crying and suggestions to make the game more interesting.
ok, let's combine weapons to make uber weapon.

see what I did there? u did same

U just made an azz out of yourself. That's all you did. Stop trolling with your fail doctor.
you're the joke - i don't die in PvP and you cry for more health...

I get 40k potions and u beg to double pots to 24k

u mad?

LOL you mentioning pvp is a joke and who cares about it? Not me!!

I'm suggesting an option for crafting in a game with no crafting.

Yea ok you can spirit walk in PvP, but in fast farming mp10, ubers mp10, and elite kills mp10 where I can house with my DH and Barb your fail doctor still fails.

U mad?
you just made up some serious BS... you should delete your WD, since it clouds your view of real ones

also, you say PvP is a joke since you suck at it

I do mp10 ubers all the time, and you're a fool to think fast farming mp10 is better than lightning farming mp4

but it shows you can't beat anything than dumb mobs... you suck at PvP

PvP is boring all I have to do as a barb is "Leap/Stun/Rend" other player done. I have no plans to PvP due to the major boring factor.

My WD does suck and I just made him because that was the gear I found for him. No loss to me.

MP10 adds bonus rolls of 100% on drops on MP10 so yea it's better that your 26% bonus roll.

Lower MP farming is only good for XP.

He's some patch notes you missed.

I hope this helps you Noob.

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