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So lately, I've been doing my own modified runs and I am beginning to get baffled by the variation in monster density. This is all in Act III, and already in areas that people who have done the math claim to be the "most dense". Honestly if this is what Blizz calls "dense" then I am in full favor of a separate Monster Density option. I want to rock Act III like I did hell cows, which also makes me mention the aggro? In D2 you could run around hell cows and just about every single one would want your head. In D3 if you get a screen away from demons they give up as if they can only see 3 feet in front of them when they're in your screen...

Anyway back to the density. I am just curious if this is some RNG like everything else. Core of Arreat for example, will sometimes have one elite and other times 3-4. In a small area that's a lot of change. Same thing goes for Crater level 2 and Rakkis, however the deficiency seen here is generally in white mobs, not really elites, although they definitely vary as well.

I just don't understand this, I want to plow through monster after monster - for FUN, not drops, not exp, for the pure pleasure of doing it. Lately I've been doing maybe 3 runs and getting bored and either falling asleep at the keyboard or walking away. I think Blizz should look into a Monster Density option just the same as Monster Power. Personally for me I am game with it only effecting the white mobs. As I stated earlier it's not about the loot and the exp for me but mainly the sole pleasure of mowing down wave after wave of enemy.

Give me a !@#$ Zombie level for D3, with never ending waves, I want my Barb, DH, Monk to have to literally wade through bodies getting to the finish. I would like to have the option to push the monster density to the brink of maxing out my PC.

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