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Can someone take a look at my wiz and offer suggetions to reach the 200k (unbuffed) milestone? Just fyi for some reason my profile shows 54.5 cc I am actually at 59.5.

These suggestions need to not be associated with spending 1b in gold or using the pay to win RMAH. I cannot afford to lose ap on crit.

You have 5% innate CC.
A better main would help.
Perhaps you could get a nice Chandanto wand? Gloves are also a great place to get intelligence and yours dont have any.

Also maybe you should go for some EHP instead of trying to hit 200k DPS. I noticed you only have 22k HP and not alot of AR.

If you have your heart set on 200k DPS probably go for a better wand and better gloves.
It is all about your karma.
I have a wand in my stash I will give you that should help

1070.8 dps
1.4 aps
+269 min dmg
+278 max dmg
+45% dmg
+62% crit dmg
+12 max arcane power
open socket (I used an emerald in it)

the only con to this is you lose your loh from your current wand, I don't know how critical that is to you.

I wish this game had a mail system, I haven't actually played in a public game yet, but if we can arrange to hook up its yours...

I'm not quite there yet myself either, but it s a fun goal to work towards.

Also, a good cap you can socket a health gem in will give your HP a good boost, you should be able to find one with good +int on it at a decent price (can prolly also get some +vit and/or % life as well)..
I second this, stop being so obsessed about dps and focus on tripling your vitality. Even my own wiz needs a huge ehp boost, she's way too squishy and when monsters aren't frozen, they kill me in a few hits. 100k dps is plenty, you want to get to 700k+ ehp.
Ur helm and boots hv to go lol
Mh weapon needs a upgrade, a 1300dps with crap stats beats that, which is too bad atm but a very nice stat wand.

Rings and ammy with +damage modifiers and your current stats.
get zunimassas boots, ring and better weapon/black damage youll probably be there.
add me and ill help you
I don't think there's anything wrong with your boots or helm but you could get better... we always can :)
Your gloves do need intel and you could certainly get a better Main. These weapons are not easy to find I know.
The Fate Lock Ring could certainly be improved.

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