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red gem increase damage , green gem increase crtical damage

what about yellow gems???

could it modify as attacking speed?

i think it will be more useful.
I would like it to be more of a defensive gem.

Something like armor or all resist.
Should just make thorns an aura that ticks every half second for whatever your thorns amount is to everything within your gold pick up radius.
Then double the maginitude of thorns damage.

So for example, you have 2500 worth of thorns damage.
It gets doubled to 5000, then ticks twice a second for 10k dps to everything within your pick up radius.

Then fierce loyalty gives this to your zombie dogs, and it should also be changed to give your dogs a portion of your pickup radius aswell.

Next thing you know you have thorn doctors with 4 dogs doing 150k dps to everything within 40 yards.

This game needs more silly game mechanics.
That's a great idea thorns being an aura thing. Being hit to do damage isn't exactly appealing to many.

And if it's to stay in the game it does atleast need to be doubled. But I say remove it from the game.
topaz:weapon: increase 25% AS
items: AR 60
DevilHunter I liked your post, but maybe 25% is too much. The idea is spot though.
emerald = crit dmg max 110%
amethyst = life on hit max 1100
topaz = life steal max 2.10%
ruby = raw damage max 100

blizzard's just too incompetent to implement something as logical as this
gems... make it more in pvp

like increase chance to dodge / chance to hit enemy / increase chance to block / increase maximum mana / hp or regen etc
Making topaz in weapon a life steal gem seems like a good idea. This would definitely improve gearing possibilities for players.
it would be cool if i could (for instance) smash 1 flawless square topaz with 1 flawless square ruby and make a flawless rubaz that would give, oh, IAS or resist all or something.

DevilHunter I liked your post, but maybe 25% is too much. The idea is spot though.

No much, 25% as= 75k dps with me,The radiant emerald is 75k dps too
If that,maybe all player chose topaz...so can reduce to 16% - 18%
Make topaz desirable to use by giving it either a LS bonus or an Attack Speed bonus...they had a chance to really make a dent in the Emerald "stranglehold" on socketed weapons with the RUBY changes initially..the new announcement "blew that for sure"...now back to Emerald being the only viable higher MP gems in the game...blizzard dev team is completely ignoring player's suggestion when it comes to gems...D2LoD had a great variety of gems, skulls, runes to choose from as far as socketing in weapons...D3 has one viable choice as of right now, and will be the same when 1.07 goes live...with the Ruby changes that took place yesterday on the PTR it killed any movement to use that gem instead of Emerald.
Yeeessss. Topaz needs to be IAS like you have all said (would be epic attack speed builds instead of epic crit builds :D) and buff the HELL out of Amethyst gems in weapon socket.

My god this is the LEAST they could do to improve the state of diverse builds and options for skills.

So much more needs to be implemented let alone improved and that's a good start.
By the way what did that change the Ruby bonus to? Not 150 min/max anymore?
For collected ideas see here:


Topazes included (item section)
I think it should be a % of dmg for thorns. Or maybe life stealy. or all res
% damage return please... and it should be a % number that's high enough to be viable. Not 2500 flat that's absolutely nothing in Hell/Inferno.
I dunno 2500 LOH is pretty good. But for it to give up your damage boost option in weapon socket it should be epic life steal.

So say because the gems fo up in tiers, the highest being this new Maquise or whatever, it should go up to (in steps bit by bit) to a max of 6% Life Steal or more.

Whatever the other gems are and what they offer needs to be as epic as adding 110% Crit Damage. 'Cause with builds with around 50% Crit Chance it's just too good of a DPS buff to pass up.
This issue really needs to be addressed. And properly. (as in a good, fun, interesting way lol)
Making the INT gem give you THORNS equipped on a WEAPON is dumb.
Thorns are completely useless in this game. It worthless even trying to build around it.

I dont agree with AR because the weapon slot should something offensive. LS, IAS or crit chance would more sense.

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