Where did my profit go?

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Hey all.
I dont know if Im missing something here, but I was watching one of my auctions time out, and the highest bid for my item was 3,800,000.
After the auction completed, I had only 1,900,000 transferred to my stash.

I know Blizz takes a portion, but HALF?

Am I missing something here?
Nah mate, You're not ,missing anything. A week or so ago I lost 25mil, of a bid on the AH, now I refuse to use it until they do the maintainence...This will help, just don't use the AH. Not until the maintainence is finished, and hopefully that will fix the problem. It has been really laggy and money has been flying around Cyber Space for too long. I know this wont help you get your money back but it will help you from loseing more. Just give it a few days and see if it will come right. Hope it works out for you mate. GL.

with the right pronunciation fifteen per cent could sound like fifty per cent... just a thought.

but really, usually if I have an issue with the AH you need to wait 3 days, if you didn't get the gold by then you should submit a ticket to customer service. I've had to use this option twice and twice the issue was resolved a couple of hours after submitting the ticket. your case seems different as you say you've already got gold for the sale. so if I were you I'd submit a CS ticket straight away.
If players have to submit tickets to fix these problems, it should be a big alarm to Blizzard that something is terribly wrong with their system.

Then again, D3's systems have been troublesome from the start.
if 2nd highest bid was 1.9m, then u only get that much, the other half went back to the winner
if 2nd highest bid was 1.9m, then u only get that much, the other half went back to the winner

Say again...?

If someone has bid 3.8mil for my item, shouldnt I be getting THAT amount, minus admin fees?
What auction anywhere in the world sells items for the second highest bid?

That seems absurd to me.
take my manticore for instance, my final bid was 20m, the 2nd highest was 18m+(which was not from me), when i won, i got the manticore and almost 2m back

this is how they abuse ah, gold ftw!
You wont see the highest bid anyone made, only the current bid Woo. i think the only one who can see a highest bid is the one putting in the bid. Otherwise, if someone put a 100 mil bid on an item with 20 mil current bid, the owner of the item can just get a friend to bid 99.9 mil on it juust to get that 100 mil.
I have an Immortal Kings set of armour that has been missing for 6 days, It simply dissappeared from the RMAH. Support said they are looking at it and are aware of issues with the RMAH. Who knows if the gear will ever be returned.
@seansky yes thats how it works, but none will do it it, they knew the risk, unless try to outbid in last few seconds
and u wont see the highest bid when auction expires and u not the winner, my last few bidings were always outbid someone in last 5 seconds, and i always got refund the amount between my bid and 2nd highest bid
Just to clarify my issue, I was the SELLER in this instance.

At the time right up until the auction expired, the current bid got as high as 3.8mil - then the auction completed and only 1.9 went to my stash.
Samething happened to me... but I waited a few days and all came good...
Well as of today, I came home from work, logged on... Blizzard launcher went through a brief update.
I still didnt receive any extra from the sale.

In addition, I had previously also bid for a mce (1.75mil) and aklthough I didnt win the bid, the money would not refund. I submitted a ticket for this, and was told that it should refund within the next 2-3 days, and that the auction house was working through some issues.

Today my bid has finally cleared. Unfortunately it has COMPLETELY cleared, and instead of the 1.75mil going to my stash, its just vanished.

I am resubmitting the ticket and requesting they get their !@#$ together.
I put 2 amulets on the other day sold one and the other went missing ??? talked to Blizz they are getting back to me LOL

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