What the hell!?

Today I decided to continue my Hardcore barbarian. I had recently bought him some nice shiny items, and he was effectively indestructible. He was only 36, Nightmare Act 1.

I started my game, walked around in the dungeon I needed to be in, and found it peculiar that there were no monsters anywhere. I tried using one of my abilities. Nothing happened. Three minutes of waiting later, my Barbarian used his ability. I tried to exit Diablo, obviously there was some ridiculous lag or delay or something. Can't. I went to the task manager and closed down Diablo.

I restarted my computer, went back into Diablo, and tried to use an ability. Four minutes. I try to exit. Nope. Then suddenly my character teleports to the OTHER dungeon layout (I had a new one when I reloaded the game), and in big words "You Have Died."

So I'm really, really upset. Why the hell did this happen. How did I teleport BACKWARDS, into a game that doesn't exist anymore, and why was there a four minute delay!?

I know NOW I shouldn't have done any more Diabloing after I discovered the lag, but it's too late for that. I've NEVER encountered this before, and the latency said 63 ms, which is what I usually play with.
Whoah, that is really odd.

At least I hope it is, I'd hate it to be more frequent.
Yes, lag is horrible these days. That's why I stay in SC for the meanwhile. :/ But still I haven't had 3 or 4 minutes of exiting the game. :( Or never heard of teleporting back. What I think what happened (if I understood right) that you clicked the portal as you were heavily lagging, wihtout even noticing,, due to the lag. And later, much later, again because of the lag, you get the message that your character has died.

Just try to explain what might have happened.

Sorry for your loss. RIP Thog.
I killed my poor level 56 wizard the other day. The servers have been really bad laggy lately. Could be my ISP too.
RIP, sorry for your loss, but you were level 31 so at least time wise, you can get to your old level in 2 hours if somebody gives you waypoints so you can solo grind.

As for your story... I don't buy it. I do not believe that you reverted back to your first game because that game disappears when you exit the game. When you disconnected Diablo from the servers (task manager shut down) the servers on the other side recognize you have disconnected and starts the ten second in game timer, from the time of disconnect.

When you logged in the second time, your game had to access your character info on the servers. If you were still in game and lagged out for some impossible reason, the first instance of the game being open would be disconnected, and thus the ten second timer starts.

What happened is this: On your second attempt, you started lagging out. You walked around and noticed stuff wasn't existent (game hadn't yet rendered the monsters, just the map) and your skills weren't working (as does happen when complete lag happens), so you tried to quit. The lag ended and you rubber-banded to where your character last lagged, and the now-rendered monsters which should have been attacking you for the last 4 minutes (as you said) caught up on the attacks they should have delivered. Instadeath to you, on the current instance of the game, not the previous.

Lag sucks, but when it happens, you should leave the game, not tempt your fate and walk around looking at the pretty empty map and naively thinking you're safe. I think you're trying to get a rollback from a flimsy story. Sorry to say Blizzard doesn't do rollbacks except for account hacks and some other reasons, but not due to lag spike rubberband death.
Ganon, I don't read that the op wan'ts a rollback, at least he is not mentioning that in his post. He found just odd what has happened, and tried to find his explanation. I believe you described what really had happened to his barb. It makes sense to me, though.

What I wanted to mention: I noticed that even the latency indicator lags in indicating the right latency. In addition, sometimes I get lag although I have the green indicator the whole time. So it is not really reliable.
There's been some issues lately that I've noticed. I have a nice fiber optic connection and if I notice a lot of lag in game, I'll TP back to town, leave/exit and reset my internet connection and then check it. But even after doing this I've experienced some lag in game. The other night was really bad and I just went farming somewhere easy where I wouldn't get killed if I DC'd.

From my experience, most lag and DC issues can be avoided on the client side, but bnet does have it's issues from time to time.
It was mostly a rant (and a warning: there's some crazy stuff amiss). It was my first HC character - I expected to die, but at least to something more legitimate than (what seems to be the best answer) rubber-band lag.

I wish I could get Thog back, but I know that's impossible. I've come to terms with it, and it wasn't a huge loss - just an extremely unexpected one.

As far as Ganon's critique goes: I think you're right about most things. The only thing that's really unusual is that - while I have no proof and it's merely my word - my character's grave was definitely deep into the first dungeon mapping that I explored, before I relogged into the second one. It is possible, thinking back, that the lag was effective enough that while I was task-managering and loading back in, that 10 seconds hadn't fully passed in the game (since everything is, ultimately, on their servers).

Oh well, at any rate it's just beating a dead Thog. Don't think I'll play Diablo shortly after I wake up anymore - apparently I'm foolish and naive.

Play safe, Take care. Not even Sanctuary is on your side.
RIP Thog
I had a very similar experience earlier where I thought I was dcd and by the time I got the menu to start working again I figured I must be dead. I restart the previous quest and instead it just ported me right to where I had been when the game stopped responding, I was still alive and it was the exact same game, I was lucky since there was only one little spider near me when it crapped out and I imagine the templar killed it since it was about dead anyway. But ya, it was really bizarre.
I miss the Black Wall of Death. You know damn well you're lagging when you walk into that thing - and it was only 2 screens over.

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