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hey bastards from blizz. can you tell my why on earth am i seeing this unsupported video card message when i start up my D3. this started just today after patching. i've been playing since last night. and i've been using this vid card since july when i first bought this game. now are you telling me i cant play cuz my freakin vid card is not supported!?!?BS
+1 got same thing after patching today

Press Escape :)
And spread the work :)
Same thing... Was working fine until today. Help!

nVidia GeForce 550 Ti ( This card is in the supported list)

are they !@#$ing kidding me? i've been using this w/ diablo since July 2012 when i first bought the game. this game is getting %^-*tier and !@#$tyer

Press Escape :)
And spread the work :)

guys try this. my patcher was able to load after i tried pressing escape. Thanks mate.
I got the same thing, this is stupid....I was playing at of 8AM this morning, without any problems at all.
Same story here - my card is supported but after today's patch is not anymore lol

Everything was working fine since release till today.

A bug ?
I'm also have a GeForce 550Ti and a couple of hours earlier it was working fine. I guess just a handful of cards have been updated or it's a glitch because there aren't many threads in Europe's forums...well not a single one last time I checked :)
check out blizard support lame answer to this solution!!!!

escape worked
Pressing esc worked... Thanks.
try pressing escape when the message appears
Same with me, though my card is on the list of supported cards.
This worked for me. Hoping they get this issue fixed. I do have an older video card (Geforce 9600 GT) but the unsupported list stops at 7100.
As some of you are already aware, pressing the ESC key will bypass the "Unsupported Video Card" message and allow you to continue into the game.

This issue has been reported and it is currently being looked into. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please check the following sticky thread for any updates on this issue: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7810092923#1
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this message cause a lot of panic to players hahaha

Am also getting the "Unsupported" message for the first time.

Video card is Geforce 9500 GT

I can still play by bypassing with ESC key

Usually, the "Unsupported video card" message will show up if you are running on an old video driver or if the card really is unsupported by Diablo III. However, the "Unsupported video card" message that started showing up after today's maintenance, is actually being caused by something on our end. As long as you are running on recent video drivers you should be able to play.

Here's a link where the most recent Nvidia drivers can be found: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx?lang=en-us
I'm available Monday through Friday from 11AM to 8PM Pacific Time
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May I suggest adding to and updating the TOS to say that playing on an unsupported card isn't supported and may cause trouble etc, and the player accepts responsibility for their computer meltdown etc.

.or a launch switch to disable these debug messages, eg -nodebug?

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