my w/w barb iso advice.

02/06/2013 03:27 PMPosted by Prisus
I use an EF, and my weapon speeds still change with each swing.

Because you have an offhand axe. If you had a mace with base of 1.2 aps, your attacks would both hit at the exact same rate. :)

It's a preference I guess. More ticks does not always mean more damage over time. If you are ticking at a good rate to maintain fury, you want each tick to maximize damage. Maximizing damage per tick really bumps your tDPS.

If you use a shallow main hand with a bunch of affixes (i.e. attack speed, etc) all of those numbers are already calculated into the dps values shown within the weapon range. As a result your true damage per tick is inflated by looking at the DPS of the main hand weapon.

Weapon damage range is super important when determining tDPS values. That's why main hand/off hand selection is always such a hang up for ww barbs trying to transition into higher MPs.

There are plenty of topics here that go into crazy depth about it...

Well, now my only option is to grab a mace and check it out for myself. If that's the case it's going to make increasing my damage much easier. Thanks for the info.
Look. I apologized. If you'd like me to again, fine. I'm sorry I insulted you.

I use an EF, and my weapon speeds still change with each swing. I told you how to check it, so do that for yourself instead of getting angry at me. I have also gone to the trouble of comparing tic rates by swapping mainhands, and the difference between the two was phenomenal.

I understand the mechanics just fine.

If you hadn't chosen such an obnoxious way to tell the OP that he needed to improve his gear, I wouldn't have chosen to defend him as obnoxiously.

Where does my post read angry? You're the one criticizing my gear. You're also the one giving bad advice. I'm not asking for an apology, this is the internet. People with bad information and poor discussion skills are the norm.

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