skorn OR echoing + triumverate?

for archon obviously. i wanna see how the other half lives...
More DPS output from 1h + Trium

More Lifesteal from Skorn (also cheaper to get LS on a skorn then a good black damage 1her)

Both are good in a different way
Since you say, "how the other half lives" then I'm taking that to mean this isn't a 'primary build effort'.

With that in mind a good Skorn is a solid option as it's a single piece of equipment that significantly affects your sheet DPS and gives really good Lifesteal. To me this translates to a bigger cushion to learn and experiment with without risking performance and death.

If you want to aim for 200K+ dps and focus on some efficient Archon play I believe that takes a little bit more of a commitment; 1h Black weapon with Triumvirate.

I'm in a similar but opposite situation; I'm a Archon with a CM Offset. My CM offset is aimed at APS to synergize the build with APOC, LOH and I don't even look at DPS. My wand is a IAS Chantodo's with I think 925 DPS. I haven't invested much in the build as it's just something I use infrequently.
Well, if you're just trying to see how the other half lives, don't spend a lot of gold, right? You can buy a Skorn to dip your toe in.

If you want to build an archon for farming, what does it matter as long as you make your dps and run that laser up and down Act 3 like there's no tomorrow. :-D

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