Arreat Crater Lvl 2 - Crashing Game

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I've been farming Alkaizer run on act 3 all night-

Keep depths lvl 2
Rakkis Crossing
Arreat Crater lvl 2

No clue why but suddenly whenever i port to Arreat Crater lvl 2 or enter through doorway it will cause my game to crash. It wasnt doing this earlier or ever but now its everytime. The error report doesnt explain anything.

Anyone else deal with this?

Edit: Repairing game to see if this fixes problem. Also going to try on other heroes.

Edit: Problem fixed after repairing game. Weird problem.
Yes. Even I am exactly facing the issue. Frequest Time Out errors especially in the Tower of Damned.

No idea what the heck is happening with Diablo 3!! AH is behaving weirdly and now game itself is so unstable.

Great service Blizzard during Friday night!

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