Account Bound Items. Why the Idea is BAD!

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I dunno man. I got a bad feeling about this. The way I see it panning out is something like this:

Patch day rolls out and everyone logs in all excited to craft some strong gear with the stats they need, and maybe even some for alts they have. It'll take some time to get the drops sure, but not too long.

Armed with better gear they start killing faster, and with MP offering higher xp, they level Paragon faster. Which leads to better magic find to get better drops, more gold find so they can use the extra gold to buy more stuff, and stronger characters to take advantage of the benefits of higher MP.

I'm probably wrong and pessimistic about this, but it seems like we're robbing Peter to pay Paul. Sooner or later Peter's gonna show up with a bill saying, "Game Longevity."
As far as i am concerned the crafting system is as broke and the drop system. I have spent over 50 mil trying to make a good item with 6 properties. As a result of my efforts I have even seen 5 properties on some and none have ever been worth over 100000 gold. If you have a recepe for 6 properties how do you get 5 and if it costs you over 100000 gold and alot of time gathering ingrediants why can't you get a good item? The answer is that Blizzard wants you to purchase everything for your character has at the AH for a gazillion gold. I think I don't trust Blizzard any more and am just going to hope that a carrot will drop eventually by farming because at least farming doesn't cost you any gold to get garbage. Hay are we all haveing fun yet?
02/05/2013 11:55 PMPosted by Grimiku
The crafting recipes also provide you the chance to roll a best-in-slot item that you can't buy or sell on the Auction House (something which players have been asking for), and the Marquise gem of course will be the highest tier available in the game.

One argument that I love hearing is "Bind on Account is just not a Diablo thing." Yeah, neither is the AH, and more often than not, the person making this argument has bought all their gear.

Sorry, but with the AH providing most people their primary source for gear, potentially BiS items NEED to be Account Bound to provide ANY remaining things that players actually have to work for.

Sure, you can go to the AH and buy up all the gear you want, but after the patch, there's likely going to be handfuls of people who did enough crafting to make themselves superior items that the AH couldn't provide. I mean, look at how most people mix and match set items as it is. They do it because set bonuses alone aren't enough for some people to justify the drop in DPS, crit chance, etc. In fact, I'd be willing to bet some people are running around right now with characters wearing whole sets, and they're being called noobs because they didn't mix and match.

Meanwhile, crafting may end up offering better options for those who want to go that route. Honestly, those people with hundreds of millions, if not billions, of gold? Why the hell not give it a try?

REALLY looking forward to hearing the QQ on that. People far and wide in this forum saying crafting isn't worth it..................then someone who paid 2 billion gold for their gear gets wasted in PvP by someone who crafted their own stuff.

Talk about an endgame project. Gonna put it on my list, I think. :-)
ruining it for the masses who get enjoyment from playing the AH too.

Lammy, this is where you're making the mistake. You said "too."

Those people who have the biggest problems with BoA items are usually the people who ONLY play the AH for their gear, and don't even bother thinking if a drop upgrades them or not.

Honestly, making the new recipes BoA doesn't mean you can't keep playing the AH. It just means there might be someone out there with better CRAFTED stuff than you can find on the AH.

It's up to you want to buy all your stuff...or do you want to actually work for it? ;-)
Who and where are all these people that need a gold sink? It seems like you have let the bots run wild and now the normal non-botting players are forced to pay for it. I have 500 hours in the game and while my gear is not really lacking I certainly have no gold to sink....
Here's your problem OP - you don't actually want to play the game or enjoy any sort of gratification from making / earning your gear. Rather you want to be a capitalist and just buy your way to the top, one of the reasons this game's been going down hill second to the terrible itemization.
BoA does not equal crafting. They are two separate things. Those that want to craft should craft to the extent people want to exercise their game options.

BoA makes no sense to me. It is not a gold sink; just the opposite. There is no benefit I can see to the player over a non BoA item. From Bliz point of view it does prevent proliferation of BIS type items making the game easier. This seems like a minimal benefit vs the opportunity to take 15% gold out of the economy or make 15% on cash items.
Here's a thought....

Would anyone ask for account bound crafted items if they had just left the new crafting the same as before? :)

Actizzard seems to have mastered the craft of almost satisfying their customers and never quite delivering product as promised.
BOA in a RPG is a flawed concept.... I can see it in MMO where there is new content added regularly, and new stuff to do, but this is not an MMO....Obv the D3 dev team thinks like a MMO dev team...It shows up everywhere in this game, only problem is when no new content is added, stuff like this will just eventually lead to a dead end...
BOA does not fit in the diablo universe where people always trade item.
If 50 % of my items are ''Bound on account '' it will be almost impossible for me to sell my character has a whole to make a new one.

Im not the type of player that make 10 different characters, i like to put my time , money and effort on my main character.

Would anyone ask for account bound crafted items if they had just left the new crafting the same as before? :)

Again... Would anyone be making a thread like this one asking to make the new items BoA if they had left it alone?

I'm pretty sure that no gamers were asking for this, so why implement it? Who wins by doing this? Does the corporation some how benefit from this? Because we gamers do not benefit from BoA.

BoA items create a huge money sink. Possibly designed to get people to gear up other toons depending on rolls. BUT HEY, GEARING UP A NEW TOON CAN LEAD TO RMAH SALES, right? Which makes actizzard money off your failures to find/craft items and now off your successful rolls.

Well played, corporation.

Seems like RNG, but it's worse because there is no return on investment after a certain point. If the newly crafted items don't exceed existing items, they sit in inventory or get salvaged regardless of value.

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