Account Bound Items. Why the Idea is BAD!

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When people whine about how they will not get a return of their "investment". It makes my heart all warm to think that this is happening. Hurra for BoA.

Gear is for fun, it is not an investment.
When people whine about how they will not get a return of their "investment". It makes my heart all warm to think that this is happening. Hurra for BoA.

Gear is for fun, it is not an investment.

Well kinda depends on your point of view. For me, I agree with you; however, I can have just as much fun with a non-BoA item as a BoA item. Actually, I can probably have more fun with the non-BoA item cause maybe I can trade it later on for something better.

There is no reason from a player's point of view to support BoA. It is not a gold sink.
One argument that I love hearing is "Bind on Account is just not a Diablo thing." Yeah, neither is the AH, and more often than not, the person making this argument has bought all their gear.

I think the Auction House is fine. It's part of the game. I think the extremist ways people use it, that's the problem. Some people have focused on it sooo much, that they've screwed up their characters natural in game progression.

Of course when you buy all the best gear possible, you're going to find fewer and fewer upgrades in game. And some people seem to have this moral crusade against using it at all! Those people are intentionally starving their progression.

That's my character. Pretty crappy huh? Of course he is. Because I play him casually, only 300 hundred some hours since the game launched. But he's still fun to play, and upgrade, because half his gear is stuff he's found, and half is AH upgrades. I have the means to turn him into a killing machine, but when I buy off the AH, I just pick up a piece here and there, to add a lil bit of crit, add a lil bit of AllRes.

Diablo is a lot like the game Magic the Gathering. It's not just about getting the best cards to wipe everyone out. It's about buying, selling, trading, and collecting the cards to make our decks the way we want. A lot of us just want more cards to make the game more interesting, to add more depth and replay. More uniqueness. Giving people Bind on Account Black Lotuses they can't trade helps people and the game in the short run, but not the long run.
Any item sold through the Auction House or traded player to player should become an item that decays at <insert balanced rate> until broken for good.

That way, people who like to find their gear via farming have the no-break incentive to do so. People who want to trade for or buy their gear can go that route, but will need to replace the pieces because of decay/break-for-good mechanic.


Change the current account-bound items to non-bound, but make them decay/break for good. I never played D2, but didn't it have something like this with regard to a subset of high-end items?


Some combination of both ideas.

Those suggestions would allow people to find/craft their own gear at the current pace, but also encourage continuous trade and farming.

- Find/craft-my-own-gear players are not forgotten, because the incentive would be to keep the item yourself for no-break. The exception would if the second idea was implemented as stated, although it could also follow the trade/sold decay and break-for-good system.

- Traders and sellers can still play their way, but it would be even more dynamic, since decay/break creates synergy with the playstyle.

- Blizzard takes in more revenue because of the decay/break via the RMAH. While the items would certainly drop in price (except awesome rolls), decay/break should mean more transactions, since it's a continuous system. A revolving door of items; if you will. Right now, it's just a door where items go in and nothing comes out. That eventually leads to complete stagnation.

Personally, I have always wanted to see item decay/break on everything. I understand that there are people who just like to earn and keep, though. There can be a middle ground of sorts that encourages playing the game and playing the market all while giving Blizzard a working revenue model.
Boy people like you just make me mad. You have no right to come in this game and try to change the fundamental nature of the Diablo series. D2 was an absolute complete hit and it embodied capitalist ideals.

Either clueless or an imbecile - you realize D2 was 100% based around Bots, hackers, and dupers. Take those rose colored goggles off ok? Also since you're obviously playing this game called Monopoly - the game's name is actually Diablo 3 and it shouldn't revolve around the Auction House - big flaw that made the game suck along with bad itemization.
02/05/2013 11:55 PMPosted by Grimiku
. We feel that bind-on-account items are the right thing for the game at this moment, but of course we want to keep adapting with the community and the economy as they evolve.

No, the account-bound crafted items are not the right thing.

There is no reason for the items crafted to be account bound.

Players are already limited in the number of pieces they can craft at any one time because the recipes require an account-bound material ( demonic essences ). I am perfectly fine with the account-bound reagents as it encourages people to play the game to farm up mats.

I don't understand the logic behind making the crafted results BoA though - really good gear will be made that won't be useful for the person who made it. This means that item justs gets vendored or salvaged instead of being able to go to someone who could have used it.
they made the stupid game into an mmo, now they patch it so u cant give friends a nice new item way to !@#$ up the game again CHANGE IT!!!!!!!!!!
I look back at this OP and I sounded angry in it. I was angry, maybe that's why.

Unfortunately they went ahead and made crafting BoA, didnt balance essences, and lost all incentive to loot amulets, bracers, chest, gloves and shoulders just like a few of us predicted.

Maybe if my first post wasn't so angry, people would have listened..
Snakefist: Lammy, you do realize that idea of "improving the items" is almost exactly as buying them on AH?

Lammy: Apparently, no

Snakefist: Lammy, you do realize that BoA is step away from AH-based play, no matter how small it may seem now, and therefore good thing by default?

Lammy: Read my OP, bozo!

Snakefist: Lammy, imagine the world where 'Trade-able' is just an affix, where high-level items aren't always available to buy - or sell and use cash to improve build on AH (but still available to use on your other characters) - mentioned high level items would of course be far more 'constant', valuable and rare than currently (where the sets/legendaries vary from 5-100% of potential value due to huge RNG variations) is inherently bad?

Blizzard developer: Hey, Snakefist, RNG is all that we stand for! We wish to have nothing guaranteed in any way, except the fact that you'll buy all your equipment on AH! That's precisely the reason why we put 3 random properties on each set/legendary which worth from 10-100 (say), resulting in [shows graph] this - near-zero chance to find anything worth having by yourself, and near 100% chances to have to buy it on AH! That's why we capped %mf and then returned it again as constant for stupid-good-for-nothing paragons we proudly present!

Snakefist and Lammy: Well, you have your all-round RNG for 8 months now, see where it got you? See where it's going?
Account bound items = WoW mechanic
Auctions houses = WoW mechanic

If you don't want the economy destroyed, you must have the full mechanic in the AH in D3 then you need to have the full mechanic to keep the economy in check..

Case and point.. look at the economy now before the BoA items were introduced.. you have your answer.

If you don't want BoA items, then both AH's need to be terminated.
Yikes Deadlysynz and Snakefist, I see the real problem here. You guys dislike the AH, and I love the AH.

My point is this though:

- unbound items makes us BOTH happy, it doesn't harm you guys at all.. salvaging remains an option
- BoA items harms me, and not you

I love crafting AND the AH, that's the difference.

Also, as I've mentioned many times, BoA has no effect as a gold sink.. crafting itself 'sinks' whether you sell it or not. The only difference is, you can trade (gain gold at the expense of someone losing gold) with unbound items.

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