Account Bound Items. Why the Idea is BAD!

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because diablo 3 is inferior to diablo 2
I think this whole crafting in 1.0.7 is a load of crap. I'd take it if my odds of rolling good were 1000 times better than the random crap I find. But it won't be. I'll be 150 chest armors in still rolling crap each time...
02/04/2013 03:21 PMPosted by Lammy
I bet people who do the higher difficulties are just as cheesed about item binding as me. I so would like to shop for a better amulet, for example!

Actually I'm rather looking forward to crafting bracers out of my huge stock of brimstones. Makes all the worthless legendaries somewhat less worthless.
Lammy: Hey I'm 10 and I got a horrible question

D3 Developer: Sorry, you're a waste of time kid
The correct rebuff to non account bound crafted items encouraging pay to win is that crafting takes LOTS of gold, so is an avenue only available to rich players. As opposed to "lol u dumb".
02/02/2013 09:36 PMPosted by Lammy
Lammy: But now you force me to consume boatloads of materials to craft items to get BIS items. If I don't get a lucky, I will lose all my gold and have no way of recouping the loss had I been able to sell any decent items for other classes on the AH

Problem numero uno with many people who play this game.

USE the items you make, don't stick "$" value on them. Throw them on the class it belongs to and use it.

If you character doesn't need it, make another character and put it on them, perhaps you'll find an interesting set up this way.

Oh but wait.. there is no point in making 2 of the same character right? Another problem with the game itself.. no reason to make another character.. no re-playability.
zzz rich players have a smaller chance to get an upgrade, since the stats they are looking for needs to be near perfect (so they spent more), the avg player doesnt need to try that hard, same thing happend to HF ring, it took me just like 20 crafts to get an upgrade, most of my friends are still looking for it bcos they set a higher bar.
There is a way for items to 'leave' the economy. Players are leaving all of the time, this removes items from the market; and it happens quite often.

This is ruining crafting even more. Crafting in online video games, to me, wasnt meant to just supplement your own character. It was meant to provide an alternative to simply farming monsters to become wealthy. I do not believe crafting has been done properly in a single game since Ultima Online. Developers like to supplement longevity by putting a few great items in the crafting system and making at least one of the required materials, or the result, Bind on Account. Bound on Account items restrict trade and encourage a 'single player' mentality. Blizzard seems to LOVE this mentality and, quite frankly, it's very annoying.

Really, there is no difference between a crafted Bind on Account item and a rare drop that is Bind on Account. By putting it into the crafting system they have a way to add 'steps' to the amount of time/money it takes to obtain that item. Instead of making it an extraordinarily rare drop that people will get frustrated with, they make it part of a system that you can SEE you are progressing towards. Carrot on a stick my friends, carrot on a stick. I knew that friggen' Hellfire was only the beginning. Damn lack of ingenuity. This crap is reminding me of EverQuest when they started implementing raid zones that you had to farm keys that unlocked more zones to farm keys.

Oh hai, I herd you liked farming.. so I took your farming and added farming within the farming, so you could farm while you farm.
"Virtually anyone who is the best at something has invested some extra effort to do so. Whether that be extra study, or spending more on good equipment."

Right about HERE is where you painted yourself into a corner. Think about it ;)
The idea is stupid. This is a loot based game and a bartering game. I really wish the developers would stop telling me what is "fun" and how I should play the game. BoA items isn't a good gold sink, because the rewards aren't good enough. Hellfire rings were popular and folks still make them, but the effort is almost never rewarding as RNG destroys 99.999% of them. Not even the +35% exp or a low damage fireball is that good of a reason.

Here's the thing. BoA items don't help the little guy. They further make the game Pay 2 Win. Where a non credit card player and / or semi casual player will spend huge amounts of effort to acquire the necessary items to craft these BoA items an elite player can easily acquire the needed items. But a rich player might be too lazy to collect keys (for example) why not allow me to trade the keys?, even organs? Okay, so you can't trade the end product, but you still create a sub market that the little guys can get in on. Maybe a player enjoys doing act 1 key runs; but really dislikes doing act 3 key runs. (or maybe act 3 keys are harder to get) why can't we trade keys? In D2, you could trade them and (hate?) one of the keys was much more dangerous to get, making it more valuable. This was beneficial because you could choose to collect the more expensive key and make profit, or if you couldn't, at least you could trade your other keys for it.

BoA ruins the full game experience. But considering I can't even select where my stat points go, I'm guessing they are trying to redo the entire ARPG type. This is an online only multi player game, stop trying to make it fell so single player.

Yup, I do. Let me explain: You can't get BIS items in some slots unless you craft them now. Do you really think that's NOT gonna cost you a fortune? I mean, as a Wizard, I could generate the BIS for a Barb or a DH several times before I get one for myself.

Your core stat choice on the crafted item of INT (since you are a Wizard) inherently makes it not BiS for a Barb or DH.
I absolutely HATE account bound items. And it's not even because I can't buy them in the AH.

Am I the only one here playing with real friends and family? And to think that farming alone is boring like hell even if it's faster?

My boyfriend bought the game in May. I was playing on his account because we thought it was too expensive to buy two copies. Last week, I decided I was fed up to play alone. I was ok until I began farming inferno. But I couldn't enjoy the game anymore alone. So he bought me a copy and now we are just waiting for me to be 60 again so I can get my gear back and we can play inferno together. And I have nice gear. Most of it was given to me by my boyfriend and his friends. And since I'm the only one playing a WD, all the nice WD items are for me.

But that's what is fun. We can play together and we are excited to find something nice so we can give it to others. And the same thing goes for crafting hellfire rings. Once you have your nice ring, you can try to craft others for your friends. But we can't because of this stupid account bound thing. That's a shame to have multiple rings sitting in your account when one or your friend could use it because he got no luck crafting them. And at one point, all of them will have their nice ring (some already have), I'll be the only one without one and they'll only do uber so I can try to get one. Not very motivating for them...

So imo, account bound items are a big no no for the social aspect of this game, and we all know social aspect is lacking a lot =_=

It seems we are in the minority here but in a lot of games, players LOVE to gift things. You know, just to make your friend happy? And not think about selling it for billions in the AH? At least trying to get a good ring (or the future items in 1.07) for yourself or your friends is a goal since they aren't much to do at this moment... And well, thanks to the great idea of account bound items, another thing we can't do.

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