Urgent. 3 Days trying to contact support fail

Technical Support
Ive been trying to contact you guys for a couple of days and NO JOY

I will post a link to the OTHER forum posts because as you will see I cant log a support ticket, but your lack of support is quite frankly left wanting.

SO to avoid any confusion and getting told to read the faq I have taken some screen shots of your rather substandard ticketing system.

1. the main page. Check

2. support page and a link to here that does not work, nice. epic fail there

and the fail

3.Reading any known issues so I know I have everything done my end.

4. Filled out form with relevant files loaded and info.


5. and I get this.

Is it me or does that look suspiciously like it has not gone through, again, for the 10th time.

the other links I would like a response too
You are probably not going to get any response here today and honestly, there is nothing the Forum Support Agents in Tech Support can do to help you. Your posts complained about not being able to create a support ticket, which is not something that can be fixed here. That is the job of the Web team to fix. To reach them you would post on the Website Bug Report forum.....but I almost never see Blue posts here on weekends so you are going to have to wait until at least tomorrow afternoon for one of them to show up.

Your other option is to wait until Blizzard support opens at 10am PST and try Live Chat or a Phone call if the system determines that those methods are appropriate for your issue.
Ive been trying to get one of them since Monday on here because of this problem, and thats just to fix another 5 issues I have with the game play. I would say going to the length I did to take screens, upload, copy links etc is a bit more than someone should need to do to get a MOD attention in a technical forum.
And if they dont have any technical staff on during the weekend when its the busiest time, well, that's sums it up really. Oh and have you ever paid a phone bill from phoning this company up? I have, it cost more than the bloody game so I am not doing that again.
Blizzard doesnt even post their phone number any longer unless you are unable to play the game basically. Otherwise you will get a copy paste macro that boils down to, sorry man, your screwed. We know and we don't really care.
im beginning to think your right igetowned. not the best customer care I have come across, but funny enough I have never come across good customer care on a online game. Its certainly something they need to look carefully at, as as soon as one comes along that really gives a hoot and has a decent game they will build a good customer base.
This one is shocking, its a shame there is no way I can formally complain, but i dont think it would do a ounce of good.

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