Will you craft the new item in Patch 1.0.7?

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Hopefully we'll get patch 1.0.7 next week and I'm plan to crafting some Amulets. But after I saw a thread in PTR forum about the new crafting and now I wonder if I should try craft other thing too?

Here is some picture of what people got on PTR server.

* http://imgur.com/s4BrNX0
* http://imgur.com/f3bzixF
* http://imgur.com/eVlbxSB
* http://imgur.com/HoA2Ari
* http://imgur.com/t0YcZLa
* http://imgur.com/QjB5TyA

Link - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7810052754

I tried craft some (about 25-30) Amus and here is mine:

* http://postimage.org/image/jp58u653p/

I always like crafting in OnlineRPG game and Patch 1.0.7 is not here soon enough. I'm getting bored to farm now.....
Yeah, I tried crafting on the PTR. Does not seem too bad. Will try it when it goes live.

Farming plans will be an interesting distraction for a little bit too. Too bad there is no achievement past Death Metalworking. I got that one awhile ago.
Nah I think I will pass, the only stat with any good chances are class stats, thus its useless for anyone with even remotely stable gear build but little in the way of throw away funds to do better.
Not even a little bit interested in crafting :(
honestly im going to trying it out for awhile. Hopefully getting the stats i want. the belt and bracers ill be crafting maybe the amulet. ill see what happens
I was gonna but since I got my armor crafted in 1.0.7 has no socket and all stat <= 100... what's the point?!
Nope. Crafting is still useless.
Of course, when I get the money to do it.

My gear is good enough (on my archon wiz) and I already have a few sets of alternative gear depending on how minor or severe the changes will be when 1.0.7 goes live.

So now I have something else to spend my money on instead of saving up to buy an item that bosts my dps by 1k...
Crafting...lol. Yeah, the game really needed CRAFTING instead of improving the affixes and stat rolls on existing item types. More terror band-aids that you'll realize two days after were a waste of time. Nothing changes yet again.
Yes! :)
Probably not, especially if the cost in gold and playing time is not worth the reward
How do you guys farm your Demonic Essence? After the nerf I thought it wasnt a big deal but after I farm a for awhile its actually pretty hard to get any Demonic Essence now lol.
Just a little bump before tomorrow! :D
i think i will. i havent seen much of the prices, but if its not like 500k per item ill probably craft a few times. mostly just ammy and gloves.
02/11/2013 02:38 PMPosted by mikeab7925
in the end the only piece worth crafting will be the amulet. people will realize the lucuni prowler and strong arm bracers are better. you can't get attack speed on crafted bracers. other gear would mean losing set bonus's.

maybe for barbs, but as far as i know monks and DH dont have any good legendary or set gloves. and i dont know about wiz or WD.
No because I won't be playing this anymore.

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