Must have CM items

hey im not a new CM wiz but im new to all the high end gear, (been out the game for a few months)... if someone could let me know names of must have items and required stats to be successful at higher MPs it would be very helpful, as of now i have like 55k dps and 1.7 something aps... got 130mil and dont know where to spend it efficently to get the most benefits.. thanks in advance
2.73 attacks per second
45% crit chance
900 LOH
18 apoc

700ish all resist
4000 armor
30k hp

Must have chantandos set and a witching hour. Look at my profile.

Other gear you can play with to budget.
Chantado's will and Chantado's force

This is a near must weapon set for any CM wizard. Socket or extra attack speed on wand, and APOC on Force are end game focuses.

Storm crow for helm to start or Mempo when obtained enough APOC

Vile ward shoulders, obviously BIS for all classes barring epic rare rolls.

Witching hour belt, again best in slot item

Black throne jousting mail pants, awesome pant slot item, great utility. Blackthrone duncraig cross amulet gets a mention in this as well.

Zunimassa Marrow + Pox OR Natalyas reflection + bloody footprints as the boot/ring combo, debatable, depends on preferences mostly.

Those are pretty much the staple items.

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