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Hello ppl around the forum,Today i am realy bored, i cant farm anymore, i hate lvling the paragon because theres no light at the end of the tunnel.

And i comed with an idea. I think everyone can suport it.because i have the imagination to belive in diablo. even if i hate him at the moment. and u know what i dont want to see ather game beat this 1, why because its the first imba game of this tipe.

Now the solution to fix it fast.

1- We need a map, not a map, something like a tunnel map, bridge? underground? a cave entrance?.The cinematic should be called: Cain`s Revival.

U will chose to enter and start going down in the tunnel, after ofc u have braken a sigil that will warn u about the upcoming danger.
Packs of mobs, will atack u, in every form and shape, and i am not talking about packs i am talking about hordes of monsters, u will fight and fight and keep fighting in water to your knees, on fire pools, rocks and etc. Tryng to get to the last pice of soulstone left that felt on the ground after diablo was killed.

After 10 minutes of pure fighting, u will hear the voice of cain wispering in the dark, then leah voice 1 telling u to leve it be, the ather to keep tryng.

In this tunnel there will be the Master Elites. the unding ones, this elites will have a rare chance to spawn but when they spawn u will have a short amount of time to kill them by destroing some stones, pillears, or even gates. that will make them not imune to your atacks, if not they will kill u and u will not be able to do nothing. a maze in witch the stones gates or etc can never be easaly found.(u cant damage, hurt, or kill them until u dont do what u are suposed to do)

They will drop always Legendary items based on the class they ware and nothing else i mean only legendarys 2 or 3 .

Mele elites - mele stat legendarys or set
Ranged elites - ranget stat legendarys.or set

At the end u will be able to find the last piece of the soulstone, and relese diablo, baal, azmodan that u will have to kill 1 by 1 they will drop again only legendarys bis legendarys, i dont care if they are made to be over mp 20 but they will give legendarys only not a single yoelow blue or waith.

Then u will be able to revive Cain and Leah, or maybe just Leah, that will get to town and be able to identify all your random bull...it loot. from normal breached keep.

I would like to have the mision to kill in 1 map mega epic elites, diablo, and azmodan, with the aim to revive leah and cain. ill do it for some time, and the idea of farming only imba legendarys will make me get to 2300 houers played.

Sorry for creating bad treads.

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