force armor and reflect damage

how does this work? does it trigger force armor's 35% too?
shouldnt work Force armor is to take big hits. RD is not big hit. Prismatic is far better for RD.
noted. thanks
For archon? Todd, the streamer, built a no lifesteal archon stacking physical resist, archon, prismatic; it can be done.
a no ls archon? wow, do you have his build around, jen?
Actually 100% force armor kicks in if you tafe 35% plus . I do it all the time against reflect packs lets me multi cast calamity for a quick win.

^ click on the "Archon Detailed Document" if you don't want to go through the lengthy vid
thanks eclipse
Yeah, you can start the video at 2:14 in and go from there.
thanks jen

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