LFG Leveling

Just started Hardcore, looking for people to level with.

I have played games such as Angband and Dwarf Fortress so i'm probably not entirely retarded at hardcore and i probably won't get you killed.


Also considering turning my DH into some sort of Trap Assassin... Oh and i'm not averse to playing any MP level.

Oh. Self-found only! No AH... but honestly i'm not going to be choosy about my companions. Leveling takes too long and it's boring on my own :)

Add me if you like.
I'm down invite me
Lvl 6 monk. Bignyast#1836 can do mp10 as well. Just add me and let me know
Added ya's, going out in a minute but i'll probably be playing later tonight or tomorrow night or whatever. Some time soon no doubt :)
Yo, when you catch up, im level 30 barb just farming Act 3 Keep Depths to get WAY ahead of the level curve, hmu TSleazy#1276
Sounds good Sleazy, that's my favourite part of the game to farm. I'll see you there soon, assuming i don't die along the way :)

(Up to level 19 as of this post)
Woot, i've made it to A3, level 27 DH. Keep Depths ftw!

I also have a level 10 Wizard i'm working on if anyone in the lower levels is looking for some coop action.

Hit me up!
I just hit lvl 20 last night!

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