just completed hell need gear advice

im thinking i need more all resist for now, any other advice? is my dps / life okay for inferno ?
HP/INT is good. i have been running act 3 without problems and only 46k ish life my all res is not lower than 510 on any one stat. i would try to get at least 35k dps just to clear quickly and not have mana problems. just try to keep the same (or close to the same stats) you have now (HP/INT) and add all res/dps and your good.
You have a grand total of 12 AR from your ammy and 28 on your belt... so yes, you need more AR.

Other than that you look like you're raring to go for a1. Nice job!

Lose the -lvl req stuff and start shopping for some resist gear.

Other obvious upgrades are your helm and wep which could both use sockets.... not a bad starter helm though, you definitely know what you're looking for.

If you can, get a ceremonial knife, the extra mana regen or +max mana that comes on them are really useful. Also, the class-specific weps are usually less expensive.

edit - and drop zom bears. go with acid cloud till you have more decent gear or you're just going to get yourself into trouble

edit - you may want to go with templar > scoundrel. the extra resource regen passive on the templar makes all the difference for me when playing solo
ill start saving

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