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One of the more brutal parts of grinding is the:

• Repetition of the farming routs (Due to the fact that we always want to farm the most effective are based on monster density)
• Lack of challenge (Lower MP seems to be more effective for Experience)
So having address these two reasons that affect the entertainment value of the game I would like to pick into the community’s brain and the idea below
• If you reward the players who take on the challenge of farming at higher MP and by playing specific runs, you could address a lot of issues that are currently affecting the community and reward players who have been able to master the game to the point that they have MP10 in farming mode.
• Increase Nephalem stacks based on party sizes and MP – Taking advantage of the new feature that will allow for a player to carry their stacks from one act to the next you could reward players that play from act 1 – act 4 by allowing more Nephalem stacks based on Moster Power and how many people are in the party.
So as an example if I start a run from quest 1 in Act 1 – Act 3 killing Azmondan I should be able to stack 5 stacks per Act hence increasing bonus of drops and experience. In turn you fix issues related to monster density by providing reward for quality over quantity.
In turn the more players inside the game the bonus could be shared with each party member (magic find, experience, etc.) that way you promote party games instead of solo gameplay. With the implementation of shared bonus players will be rewarded with more experience, more drops (quality drops) and penalized with more difficulty and more time needed to be spend for you to see, feel the reward.
I think from a design and programing standpoint is a far easier fix than changing monster density and other game mechanics.
Please share your opinions on the proposal mentioned and feel free to roll with it and enhance it since I haven’t given it much though, was just brain storming and regurgitated my thoughts into this post.

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