Launch Failure about ATI HD 5450!

Technical Support
OMG! I played this game since it launched. Had so many problems (same as a lot people). But, there is no one like this.

I started the game by click the icon as I do every day. However, today it gives a window saying my video card is not supported!

Win 7 with ATI HD 5450!

Of course this card is not in the non-support list and I am using it since day one.

Now what do I do? Say Bye to D3 or what? I cann't believe it.

Oh! I have to mention. There was a update when I launched it about 2:15pm Sydney Australia Time. I don't know what they have done to it because I play this moring about 4-5 hours ago and it was fine!
It seems to be the same problem as reported under so try pressing ESC to get rid of this message.

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