6cold/29 SOJ-TR 5CC?

Does the TR cc add any value to this ring? It took about 4 pages of searching to find the first similar ring. Starting prices seem to be in the 30m range.
I suspect it depends on the Spirit Regen.
Screenshot the ring??
1.28 spirit regen.. Other stats listed.
:o Phat at the Monk forums :D

I think a friend of mine would like to buy it if you are interested in selling it ^^
I'm trying to understandthe pricing on it, but I'm interested in selling it.
While that has too little spirit/sec to be worth a TON to a TR monk, it is still quite valuable as the elite dmg and TR CHC are both high.

I would assume you could get anywhere from 30m to 50m for it.

-Druin, the happy monk
What would such a ring yield with higher spirit regen?
Any clue of a price on my soj I'd like to sell? It's not tr cc but has high regen

5 cold
28 bve
2.27 spirit
8% way of hundred fists

I don't play my monk so would rather use this to get some wd gear

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