Haven't Monked since October, gear check?


Long-time lurker, posted a few times. It's been quite a while since I've played D3 (about 4 months, but who's counting) but I've been watching from the sidelines about the patches and other stuff. Also, life stuff got in the way, like depression, finding work, that sort of thing.

Now that I know my tentative work schedule, and due to the sheer fact that my current laptop can only run this game without seriously losing its mind, I'd like some input from the career Monks on my gear and skills so I can start actively playing again. I'm at the more hardcore side of casual gaming at this point, and I'd prefer a build around pure solo. Not interested in PvP or group activities, I have friends for that. Kiting isn't my thing either, otherwise I'd have rolled a WW Cheeser Barb many moons ago.

Finally, stuck on A1 Inferno, The Butcher. Anything that will bring that monstrosity down for the fourth time is much appreciated. Before you ask, not fiddling with MP levels at this point. Even trying MP1 when it first got patched in was redonk.
Farm Mp0 and get to know the situation better. You will probably find some upgrades from ground ;D

Experiment with your build. Don't use the retarded 'build' that people might suggest you (FoT/Cyclone).

Have fun!
You'll probably be able to beat him after the patch goes live and your Wave of Light becomes useful. Give Butcher a run on MP0 on the PTR with your build, see what happens.

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