Now that this game is a failure, when will we get are $

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what wonderful statistics you make up OP
Itemization and drop rates have improved since launch. RMAH and GAH can only "ruin you game" if you let it. You are completely free to ignore them, and you had 30 days to figure out that the drops rates did or did not suck (depending on your point of view). It's not like they cut the drop rates once the RMAH went live.
To anyone claiming D3 is, in its current (or from older patches) form, is the 'greatest' in the series. I'd like to hear your theory on why it's, what, the first game Blizzard has released that didn't get Game of the Year? Or any awards by any game/editorial critics, EVER? I think it got a very minor award for sound effects or something, and it also got a bigger one which was 'Biggest Disappointment of 2012.'

I mean, it's fine to say that you, as a person, like it. But to claim that it's the greatest game ever when roughly every non-paid-off critic and a visibly large majority rail against it, it's a bit more ludicrous to take these stances you guys are doing that it's an 'objectively' good game.

The ones who think it's good are in a minority, and none of the people who have any influence on game design nominations or awards have agreed with this minority so far, and some have voted it as the most disappointing one of these critics (within the FIELD of GAME DESIGN and THEORY!) - reference. - awards of every other Blizzard game.
37.946% of all statistics are made up on the spot. Seems to be what occurred here.

I'm 26 and have played since the beginning. I still play and enjoy this game. If it's not what you want, go play something else. I heard Neopets is more your style.
46% of the community ...
38 % of the people ...
14% of the people ...

I'm very currious to know where you got these numbers.

They pulled those numbers straight out of their butt. That's where. ;)
02/07/2013 09:14 AMPosted by Drayven
Itemization and drop rates have improved since launch.

Itemization has not improved and drop rates were never the problem. Drop quality is the problem.

you had 30 days to figure out that the drops rates did or did not suck (depending on your point of view). It's not like they cut the drop rates once the RMAH went live.

Bashiok already commented on this.. 3 times I believe. RMAH did factor into the drop rates as "they did not want people gearing up too quickly" in their own words.

This occurred after the 30 days, so everyone was essentially handcuffed.
Don't feed the troll.

46... still like the game (and I played D1 and D2... actually still play D2). The difference between me and you (i mean other than I double your IQ), is that I realize that they are two different games and don't expect D3 to be D2 with better graphics.

Obviously you meant half my IQ because you are playing a simple game, and usually simple people like that sort of stuff.

46% he mentioned, liked the forums more than the game, it seems like you are in this 46%? Because you should be playing right? Or did you come to forums to learn how to play?

Double YOUR IQ... see... I couldn't be playing because, well... the servers were down until 12 noon... yep... you have a failure IQ buddy...
Not exactly sure why I'm feeding a troll here, and the whole argument would have fallen apart the instant he/she pulled out those percentages anyway (pro tip: if you're going to argue, back up your hard numbers if they're used; if you're just trolling, still back 'em up just so you can get points for creative trolling; it sets you apart from a vast majority of the other trolls!), but even so...

Diablo 3 is fine. The game isn't dying. The problems are being fixed. They're being acknowledged by Blizzard, and if things are quiet on their front right now relating to D3, it might have something to do with filling the vacant Creative Director position after Jay Wilson moved elsewhere in the company.

Trust me, the game will survive for quite some time. If it's a failure, why post here? Wouldn't your time be better spent doing something you enjoy instead of just coming to the forum to tear the game apart in a vain hope of getting support from more credible individuals?
Well you should also know hellgates budget was fairly small and they were rushed into releasing, I'm not saying its a good game, but Diablo 3 is the Hellgate of Blizzard. People need to accept that fact.
That's your opinion; don't try and spin your opinion as an indisputable fact. I personally enjoy Diablo 3 more than I did 1 or 2, partly because it was possible to level up your character in such a way in, say, 2 that would cripple the character and render it non-viable. It is much, much harder to fall into the same trap in D3, if not impossible. The PCs and followers also have much more personality than those from D2.

FYI I don't play this garbage anymore, why would I want to farm for weeks just to see bigger numbers? There just needs to be variety and atleast some sort of complexity, the game is too simple even a caveman could do it.
If you don't play the game anymore, why are you still posting on the forums for it? Seeking validation for your decision to quit? Trying to convince yourself it was the right choice? Or just trying to troll?
you forgot the 12% that just make up stats.

but yeah i love this game. lots of people do. but theyre all playing hardcore XD. diablo 3 is a pretty good game, but HC D3 is amazing beyond comparison
46% of the community ...
38 % of the people ...
14% of the people ...

I'm very currious to know where you got these numbers.

his !@#

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