30 second wait to edit a post I just made?

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It's probably supposed to stop people from spamming posts but I just want to clarify one of the sentences in a post before people read it.

02/07/2013 04:04 PMPosted by Bouldergore
It's 30 seconds...it's not like you have anything important enough that it matters.

Personally, I have all the time in the world.

I was speaking specifically to people reading (and possibly misunderstanding) my posts, which takes considerably less than 30 seconds.

I've been on forums where a good discussion, that was going relatively fast, got derailed because someone posted something that could be misinterpreted and, before they could edit it, got quoted and ranted at by multiple people.

Well seeing how the poster screwed up his original post they are forcing him to take his time and check the whole post for other possible errors.That's the only way to make any sense out of it I think.

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