advice 170k paper what to do??

Got my wizz up to 170k on my char sheet running a blizz hydra build cause thats the play style I like . a wizard should be squishy and fight from a distance not in melee range... so my question is with the new patch dropping soon trying to find a build that fights at a distance and nukes things fast enough so they cant reach me... Dont like playing in melee range thats not what a wizz is meant to do... so got up to 170k dps and want to find a glass cannon nuke build for the new patch so anyone got any new builds that play non melee style for the new patch... Also one more question... I'm out of gold and want to know what i can do about my AP problems.... I run out of AP fast and don't have enough ApoC gear because im out of gold so want to know what i can do to help my AP situation
You have no arcane power on crit items.

You've geared for DPS only, now your gear has no functionaility without arcane power on crit.

Stick to archon. Thats all you can really do with any efficiency.
what boozor said.

however, use LL+20APoC or LL+Prodigy to solve your AP Problems.

If you like Blizzard and ranged nuking try this build...!WXg!YccccY

stay in your bubble for increased APS and better Sheet DPS. Also, things will have trouble getting to you, especially if you move to the "back" of your bubble.
Cast the blizzard from range to slow them even before they get to your bubble.
Dominate them with Comets/Molten Impacts. Molten Impacts mean more burst damage but Comets mean more slowing. You can have everything on the screen reduced by atleast 60% MS if you arrange your attacks properly.
Cast a LL everytime you need more AP, use prodigy unless you can get 18-30 APoC.

Thats really all you need to know, teleport is nice for added mitigation and placement. Blood magic for healing and extra sheet dps, i use Electrify since it works great with LL and already have LS Weapon.

Definitely use Astral Presence, swtich cold blooded for Prodigy if you must. Get an occy with -5meteor and -4teleport. I got one with these stats and 250 average dmg for only 15m :D
damn liking that build... any videos on how to play it??

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