My Favorite Part of D3 that met my standards

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I really like the skill system and passives. They are fun and interesting for me. I think the D3 skill system met my expectations for what Diablo 3 should be as a game. Of course, the game has many dimensions to it. The skill system can drastically improve with brand new skill points!!!!!

I think Jay did an awesome job with the skill system. If other aspects of Diablo 3 (such as pvp, itemization, ect..) is shown close and particular attention, D3 will evolve to a good game.
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Obviously a troll thread. The skill system is mind-numbingly uninteresting. Each class is pretty much forced into one build. Most runes are worthless, as are most skills. There are only a handful of useful ones, and those are the ones that 99% of the players go with. Check out Path of Exile's combination of talent tree, skill gems, support gems, and gear, then come back and tell me D3's is complex and interesting. I'll be waiting.

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