Haven't played in 4 months, help a noob out.

Demon Hunter
So yeah, I haven't played D3 since like, last October and I'm totally at a loss as to how to upgrade most efficiently. My gear is pretty trash and I'd like input on how to upgrade it, and also what kind of builds people are running with the hungering arrow/elemental combo I've always liked (or is this obsolete?).

I have roughly 4 mil (yeah lol....) to upgrade... The quiver was a welcome back gift from a friend and the bow I bought for 400k, are they suitable or should they be upgraded?

Post your char link/pro link. We cant see it.

Builds depend on your mission, are you going to farm and build, then take on the world..or are you trying to go high mp?

HA/EA is a good build still for mp0-1, pretty effective.
other builds: Strafe. Traps. Tank. Speed.
Hmm didn't switch default profile, hope my gear is visible now.
Yeah it is. Your rings/bracers IMO are what i would upgrade first.

The armor is decent, you should be able to handle mp-0 no problem with that resist.
But unfortunately you're going to start losing some as you gear forward.

You can probably pick up some strongarm bracers for a few mil. that will double your dex there, and add %life, also like a 4.5% knockback, which would be nice with your WF's knockback.

Also on your various armor (helm/chest/pants/ammy) you are losing 4-5 OS positions to add more dex which will boost your dps. I would probably invest in one of the DH "sets" lol.

Nat's chest, ring, boots, helm 3 piece gives you +130 dex (4 piece gives you +20disc)
Inna's pants, belt, chest 2 piece gives you +130 dex

- variations of this setup-

Nats chest, ring, boots, innas belt, pants. +260dex, +AS, +24% Move. sp.
Innas chest,pants, Nat's ring.boots, helm ..almost same stats (But Innas chest can roll higher dex than Nat's so you gain dex/vit there)

Some popular other pieces are Ice climbers, high dex and OS for more dex. Depth Diggers pants..

If it were me i'd farm a while for gold/legendaries possibly a new helm with a dsocket, so you can drop a ruby in and get that exp bonus also.
Thank you!!

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