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After the maintenance today (2/7/2013) if my auctions expired or if I bought Items and they didn't go to the completed tab so I can send them to my stash, i need to wait 5-10 days for those transactions to process?
I'm not sure, I just came on here to investigate as to whether or not anyone else has had an item vanish from the AH. I had one disappear completely from the records just now. Is that what happened to yours?
I had multiple items, one being 120mil quiver. :( Hoping things get back to normal soon.
I think it would be best to wait it out until the 10th day. Otherwise, support would just say "it hasn't been 10 days yet, please wait until that day". I too have an ammy that didn't go back to my completed tab. That ammy was relatively valuable. Funny thing is, all the other crap that I posted together with that ammy kept coming back like a f***king salesman. I was able to re-post those crap twice now but blizz has decided to make that ammy scarce in my completed tab still.
Same here. I lost several items after the last AH maintenance ( legendary items: Stormshield, Mojo).
I tried to get help from Blizzard Support page but it was useless as they came out with crap excuses such as "We are unable to accept requests for this type of issue.".

What the hell is happening to Blizzard? This is really very frustrating.. I want my items back Blizzard~! >:(

And for God sake, please have a better support system. For game developer who sold over 50 million copies, your support system is really crappy!!

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