AH dead, anyone agree

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02/08/2013 08:05 AMPosted by Sÿlak
AH dead, anyone agree

I disagree. I sell stuff daily. :)
No one is talking about brimstone legendary and 100k rare items.
AH flippers are looking for bargain to re-sell after the patch.
Upgraders are waiting for the patch so they can upgrade without the fear of nerfs.
PvPers are waiting for PvP to see what build will dominate.

Best thing to do now is farm and save.
Low lvl legendaries seem to sell well lol .
Dude I said AH. Game is very alive. Nuff said.

@ crymore. nats ref. 162 dex. 9 ias. loh 153. open socket. cant get an offer in trading forums or a buyout. gdi. whats it worth?

calamity, 1350ish dps. no socket. 1.32 hatred regen, and +10 discipline. None like it at all on ah. Down to 480 mill. How much is it worth?

I got a trifecta gloves with 132 dex, 4 stats only. 9 ias. 8 cc 27cd. 32 mill lowest asking. 19500000. Nothing.

I hate to just give my stuff away too.

The calamity might be high, way high. But I found it so ima get as much as possible for it.

How many poeple do you think are running around with hundreds of millions of gold to buy stuff?

Hell, I play the game nearly every day for an hour or two (which is more than many other people) and I've only broken 100 million gold 3 times. I usually run around 20-40 million gold on me at any particular time... and I know a lot of other people have less than that.
Try the hardcore AH. Mid-range items are still hold value. High-end items are not insanely expensive. I sold some rare bracers without crit chance for 4.5 million gold. I kid you not. No chance in hell could that happen in softcore.
It's definitely slowed down. Picked up some bargains because of it, but I also have a bunch of stuff that is moving really slowly.

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