Beware of Auction House - Items + Gold Lost!

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Just a warning to everyone - be careful of using auction house right now.
It can eat your items that you post up!
It can eat the gold from your bids!
No, I am not kidding - both of the issues happened to me and I lost a pretty good amount.

My Stone of Jordan that I put into auction house disappeared after expiring. (It was never sent to my "Completed" list and it has been about 3 days.)

I bidded ~65m on a nice top for my Barbarian - which was the winning bid. The item was never sent to my "Completed" list after the auction ended. Infact, the auction status just turned into the "expired" status. My gold was never returned either.

So be safe, be careful!
Bumping for awareness
Thanks for the post. I lost 4 items I was trying to sell for a few mil. I'm going to just stay off the AH for a week and hopefully Blizzard figures out what is going wrong.
I also lost one of my items on auction house just now. The item itself wasn't great, but it still was a 0.25 + aps near 1100 dps echoing fury. The item was under authorizing on the auction house. Then came the famous error that disconnects you and puts you back on log in screen. I logged back in and shazam! Nothing was there, as if the entire transaction never took place.
Yep, I lost over 200million worth of a weapon with a socketed radiant star emerald and blizzard customer support completely refuses to restore my items. After 3 tickets of being refused I was threatened with action toward my account to stop making tickets.

Customer support for this game is completely worthless and I truly hope other players do not have to go through the same unsettling experience I have had.
same thing happened to me, no the first time, but this item was worth something: IK belt with 260 str, high vita, perf res and perf LS. . . been listing it for over a week at a high bin since wasn't that keen on selling in case I used it for my new barb. Now it's just gone. At first, the previous auctions on the item didn't even appear in my list; those have returned. Hopefully the belt will too :(
Take the time to actually read the blue posts before you cry morons, they are aware of bad auction house delays and said your items bids are not lost. up to 1-2 weeks delays can happen.

I got a bid authorized after expired on a helm it took 8 days to get the item + the bid gold back.

relax and be patient.
02/07/2013 05:35 PMPosted by insaneslayer
relax and be patient.
02/07/2013 05:44 PMPosted by Foultality
relax and be patient.

I was pretty relaxed and patient about receiving my initial sigils from an early D3 launch website event.

For your information, I never received those sigils either. Being relaxed and patient only leads to no results.
Lost a rare ring from the auction house; item wasn't sold nor did i get the item back in the completed tab.
Lost my Vile ward with 250 Dex + 70vit + 55 poison res + AR >_>
was bidding on an item and didnt get my bid gold back or the item when i check after the auction.
I lost my helm too until today :(
I have been getting Auction House Unavailable for about 8 hours now. Cant check on my auctions at all.

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