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Are all of these incidents happening in bidding auctions? Have any cases of lost/delayed gold or items been reported in buy-out only auctions??
I only post items with equal amounts in Initial Bid and Buyouts.

I didn't bother relisting a few items that I had up in light of the maintenance coming, and because I didn't want to deal with the lag at that point.

I have a few items missing now. No entry of sale or expiration in the log, no gold or item in my AH stash. Completely vanished.
Mine was a bid only auction. I won, or think I won a nice Ammy. Time ran out, I didn't receive any message one way or the other stating I was outbid or that item was won. Now it's just sat there saying Expired for the past 6 hours. No gold returned or item in my stash.
It happened to me twice when bidding on items. Each time the UI showed that I had the winning bid when time expired. No gold or items after almost a full day.
happened to me 2 times in a row today bidding on an item, lost the bid and it never returned the gold.
After reading the posts in "Technical Support" section,seems to be most of the lost gold and items are due to bidding items. Buyout seems to be ok.

I lost 200m after bidding a 1H rare axe on wed(6feb). no records of the item or gold in the Completed tab after auction expired. 36hrs now and still not returned.
Don't worry. It will come back to you within 5 days. Yes, it can take that damn long. I have already complained to them many times. They need to fix it.
Same thing happened here. 12mil on an Inna Radiance and no indication of who won, no item and gold is not refunded..... A little concerning sorry to hear about the 200mil bid Talaus. Hopefully Blizzard will sort this out soon and fix it so it does not happen anymore to anyone.
Still waiting for the helm I purchased to show up... sure, it was only 100k gold but I'm not a power gamer/item flipper and that 100k equates to a lot of grinding for me.

EDIT: Well, the message indicating that I won the bid has come up! Now I'm just waiting for the item to appear. Also missing an item in my sale list... not sure if it's just gone or that I sold it. No message or gold.
I lost Natalya's bloody footprints. I put it in RMAH for $20.

Where is it Blizzard?

There's a lot of problem now in the AH.
675,000 bid lastnight, item time ran out, and the UI indicated I won the auction. Gold was removed from my stash, and I was awaiting the delivery. 3 minutes later the gold is still gone, the message detailing the bid/item/etc., was gone. No item, No gold returned. Nothing.

Went to my USD auctions, grabbed 150m gold ... and the CASH is removed from my account balance, yet I do not have the gold. I do, however, have an email that states I paid for it. I will eventually get this back.

It's bad enough to mess with people in the in-game market, but to mess with peoples RL money?

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