Auction House Very Slow

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In the last 2 hours i've notice that the Auction House is very very slow... i keep getting time out's but yet when i check if my net is slow or something... everything seems fine on my end...

When will Auction House come back and work normally ?

anyone has this problem?
Yes, pretty much everyone has that problem. Blizzard is aware and working on the issue. Please read the sticky thread on the subject
I could have sworn that Blizz did "maintenance" on the AH yesterday. It was posted on the log in screen that they were doing it. I guess they changed their minds and didn't do it after all.
Its slow for me, but for some very specific items. All my other items are super fast, but for a hammer I'm trying to sell it always times out or takes a long time to cancel/repost. Really weird.

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