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Due to many of our developers becoming flu-ridden zombies and needing to be quarantined so they could recover, we've had to postpone publishing the answers to your questions for the first round of Ask the Devs.

Rather than posting the answers this week (as originally scheduled), we'll now be posting them on Monday, February 11, around 10:00 a.m. PST. We sincerely apologize for the delay, and hope you can forgive us for our recent zombie outbreak. :(
I hope they get better :(
Well Zombie-ism is a pretty reasonable reason for a delay. In honour you guys should up the spawn rate of the quality well and developer hell for the weekend.
they cant use computers at home?
Subjection you are aware that most illnesses are contagious and that the developers work pretty closely together. It isn't at all far fetched for a flu to spread throughout most of a team.

Just because you have no work ethic doesn't mean they don't, in fact... you not having any work ethic might be a part of why you don't work for a company like Blizz, just sayin' ;)
Look out, the wounded are turning!
ok ok, it's that time of year I guess ... I called in sick last week as well. at least we have a specific time to look forward to (which probably should have been given in the first place tbh).
Its cool. Even without a reason ( although granted this is a good one) a delay by Blizzard Entertainment is frequent, normal, and always expected.
Have them watch Warm shows zombies how to get better. From what I've heard...
The responses in this thread are disgusting...

Flu outbreaks are not to be taken lightly. Really, Blizzard'll be lucky if none of their members end up in the hospital. And as for working on a home computer....

Have you ever *had* the flu? Just sitting up is exhausting.
!@#$ happens.

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