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Using your logic should I assume you are Asian?

oh god, another internet white knight trying to stick up for a "girl gamer." but from the looks of ur profile and all of those paragon leveled characters, u fit the description of such a tag. get outside of the house sometimes and stop trying to pick up girls on d3 forums bruh
Wow ATVI doesn't give its employees free flu shots?
did anyone ask about gem, ToS, potion auto pick?

its a bit of inconvenient to pick those gem, ToS, potion manually.....
Wow.. more assumptions and trolling. You should really stop.. you are making yourself look terrible. Go find a post where I play up being a girl gamer or ask for anything..go for it. Oh wait, I am not available and not an attention starved teen. Really... you are quite pathetic. About time to stop giving you the attention you seem to want though.
I hope everyone feels better soon.
OMG please give us a zombie infested dimension. haha and the names could be that of the developers. and in honor of jay wilson, he could be one of the zombies haha and what if it took place in blizzard headquarters haha fun stuff!
02/08/2013 04:56 PMPosted by Contango
Wow ATVI doesn't give its employees free flu shots?

This year's flu shot didn't guard against the strain that's making the rounds. They can only immunize against so many strains with 1 shot: they have to guess which ones we're likely to see, and don't always guess 100% right, sadly.
I feel ya brothers Im down with it now
This is the reason you do not wait until the last minute to write these things.
Anyway, hope your single dev feels better soon.
That's pure hilarity. 3 devs?

Based on the questions the community asked (and voted up in popularity), there were certain developers we needed to reach out to in order to get meaningful answers -- in this case, our system design group.

The Diablo III team is pretty big, but it's made up of multiple working parts, and most of the designers tend to specialize. Certainly, not everyone on the team has been sick, but a tech artist, for example, wouldn't be the correct person to ask about the crafting costs for new Rare recipes. Similarly, a UI engineer isn't going to be able to pontificate on the reasons why we buffed certain Monk skills in 1.0.7, but not others. Unfortunately, it was our system designers that bore the brunt of what we've dubbed the "zombie plague" (they share an office, so it's not a big surprise that they also shared the same nasty flu strain).

We know it sucks that we had to postpone posting the developer answers by a few days. We don't like it, either. But rather than rush the responses or get someone else who isn't responsible for that specific area of design to try to provide answers, we decided to wait until the right people were back in the office. We wanted to make sure that your questions were given that level of attention and respect.

Is the situation ideal? No. Is it the end of the world? Maybe (I've watched enough movies to know this is usually how zombie apocalypses start). But if it is, it's not because the first Ask the Devs round of answers has been delayed until Monday.
The votes have been tallied.

You DO have the list of questions that will be answered.

Could we at least get that info?

or some of it?

What is the top rated question??
sorry 10 days is plenty of time to answer these questions if you dont use your English to PR-BS dictionary
Thank you for letting us know where you stand. I'm loving how direct you guys are with us nowadays! That being said, I am eagerly awaiting the dev's responses :)
My dog ate my homework teacher....:-)

My suspicion, is that the developers were too busy working on the Patch, to be bothered with filling out reply forms...
This is just a teaser for us Walking Dead fans, Blizzard becomes Umbrella...dun dun dun

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