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Ok I know there was already a thread about this topic but I just thought I'd through this out there anyways. As much as I am against spreading rumors, I'm feeling a bit more convinced that Blizzard is in fact changing set bonuses on some of the items like the Tal Rasha's set.

The reason I believe this is because Tuesday Blizz did a short and small maintenance which fixed the font issues we were having but the set bonuses still remained missing. Today yet again Blizzard performed another maintenance on all their web services and still the set bonuses are missing. So this tells me that the missing set bonuses are not a bug as some of us thought and that Blizzard is in fact making changes to the set bonuses for patch 1.07.

If they weren't planning on making these changes for this patch then I doubt they would have changed the tool tip's as they obviously have. However, Blizzard will not confirm this until the patch probably hits as they have proven in the past to surprise us with last min changes. I could be totally wrong but the evidence is there.

What do you guys think?
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