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Interesting. I can see hidden potential in this re-naming, and I continue to be optimistic about future content. \m/
OK to be honest I only read the first two pages of this thread due to the boredom it created for me. One thing I am getting increasingly frustrated with is seeing all you wankers out there boohooing and crying and throwing a royal hissy fit over a video game. Bottom line is if you dont like it dont play it. Blizzard is going to do what they want when they want and more importantly how they want regardless of how many posts you make or how many times you call them mean names. I actually enjoy the game the way it is. It isnt Diablo 2 so quit asking them to turn it into Diablo 2. If you want to play Diablo 2 so badly then throw the disc in and go to town. I guess what im trying to say is GROW THE F*&^ UP!!!

this guy lol, the worst part is I'm starting to think he's right (about them not caring and doing what they want) I disagree entirely that we need to grow up. I'm a grown man, but I don't see why I can't be passionate about a game.
02/09/2013 01:09 AMPosted by XerX
Blizz, you know we are not all English-native speakers. Nobody knows what's brawling before looking it up in the dictionary...

Agree, I just did that (looking up the dictionary)
Why do you even need to fix stuff when all you need to do is just rename it to better manage expectations?
Dueling: Fighting to the death
Brawling: Non-lethal fighting between two people that are mad at each other
Sparring: Training-oriented and/or competitive non-lethal combat between two allies

Sparring sounds the best to me.
"you don’t need to worry about objectives, rewards, or scoring, and that’s exactly what we love about it"

so to answer many questions players keep raising regarding the introduction of capture the flag, last man standing, scoring systems, rewards ect that havent been answered yet. thanks for the clear response.
02/08/2013 11:48 AMPosted by Lylirra
but it's not a traditional one-on-one duel. It’s something much more wild and open-ended, where you can engage in 3-person and even 4-person free-for-all skirmishes with few restrictions.

I'm just confused here. In Diablo 2, 8 players could play in a game at once. I wanted it upped to 16 but they kept it to 8. So now more than ten years later, we only get a maximum of 4 players in a game and thus only 4 maximum per "brawl"? I'm confused, why is this the case? Surely average computer capabilities and internet traffic-handling capabilities have increased since ten to twenty years ago, why then (even with higher definition graphics/mechanics) would we be restricted to only 4 in game or duels?

Also, PS: Why is there not portrait for Nek the Brawler when you click on him to talk with him? It is just black on my screen...It makes sense that he's "in the shadows" so to speak, but why did you kick him out of the INN in act 1 and why doesn't his portrait show his actual face in the shadows as opposed to just blackness? Is this a graphical error on my end or is it really that difficult to add a portrait in corporate game-making land?

PPS: I know I sound like a critical jerk/couch programmer, but really I'm not. I don't claim to be able to code better (although design better maybe, but not code or produce for sure). But that's why you folks are Blizzard and we're your customers. We expect better than 4 players max. per game and incomplete art, skills trees, and storyline/side-quests...I don't think you guys should get so defensive about it. It is actually a compliment to how much we recognize your old accomplishments (or current ones according to some Star Craft people). We just expect a lot out of the best.

So, will you be expanding the game to have more storyline content and/or side-quests and/or more classes and/or allowing more than 4 players per game (and thus in "brawls")? Will itemization be fixed or skills altered so as to alleviate the burden currently placed upon items to save this game? These are fair questions that have been asked many times and will continue to be asked until you do more about them. You could stave off a lot of questions and criticisms if you actually gave us some hope or dare I say promises (that you know for sure you can keep). Please stop with these gimmicks to distract everyone from what's really important. Who cares what we call duels? We care about the actual content of the game. Some of us do at least.
Sparring: Training-oriented and/or competitive non-lethal combat between two allies

Sparring sounds the best to me.

It isn't important and it distracts from the real issues in this game and what we should be doing to improve it. *If* it mattered, though, I'd vote for your term. Sparring does make the most sense.
PR Guy - Introducing the brand new Ford Mustang Minivan GT!

Ok, you guys can all keep playing World of Sanctuary - lite (beta) if you like, I'm going to go play Diablo III. It was made by Grinding Gear Games.

i really do not understand what is going on here. No one gives a damn about the stupid name. My god, what a waste of time! To only have one major change on PTR to dueling or brawling or whatever (who gives a damn honestly it's PvP) is pretty pathetic. 30% damage reduction for all and 5% more for melee is obviously an attempt at balance, but a pretty small attempt overall. I'm pretty tired of the excuses and lack of urgency on Blizzard's part. PvP should be fairly well balanced by the time 1.07 comes out, plain and simple, if Blizzard was anything like they were in the past it would happen. I do not expect individual class skills to be perfectly balanced yet, but at the very least, universal damage mitigation, soft or hard caps on defensive stats, diminishing returns on CC vs. players, scaling on healing/regen, etc. should all have been modified for PvP purposes for 1.07, and the only thing PvPer's should have to potentially complain about are a few class skills that need tweaks in the future. The mechanics of PvP should be pretty much set for future duels, deathmatch, team arena, DOTA style maps, or whatever.

instead, all we get is one adjustment in the form of 30% and 5% pvp dps reduction, which makes no sense, and in many cases has caused further imbalance. that is what you call LAZY. I'm sure future patches will add some adjustments to whatever PvP we get later on, and things will eventually improve, but what is the hold up? Why is it so hard to get a few stat/math experts to theorize numbers(like hundreds of people have done on the forums), get some serious game testers who know PvP, and work out a half decent system? Then let the public test it out for a couple weeks and release the patch. This should have been done a month or 2 ago. Right now we should be worried about fine tuning dps mitigation per class type, defensive stat caps, healing adjustments, cc reduction adjustments, crit damage reductions, and everything. instead we are basically starting from scratch, and Blizzard justifies being years behind where they promised they would be at this point simply by claiming dueling is not intended to be balanced.... well, that's bull!@#$ and not nearly good enough, PvP and arena systems etc. were advertised on the Diablo box and online, it should have been delivered long ago. It should be priority #1, if the current team cannot get it done, move them out like Jay Wilson and get some competent people in there.

right now, it seems Blizzard is doing jack %^-*, and using the PTR to test and theorize everything, using our feedback to make the smallest adjustments possible at a snails pace. The public is basically doing the work for them. At the same time we hardly get any feedback at all on what is going on behind the scenes. The truth is, the public should not have to do Blizzard's job for them, they should be capable of releasing an exceptional, well thought out, highly balanced form of PvP combat without having to let all of us test it and complain about it for months, before something semi-reasonable comes out.

Brawling sounds !@#$ing stupid, this is Diablo, in Diablo people DUEL, or PK. The community rejects this stupid name, and honestly could care less about anything not related to improving PvP balance and in-game PvP mechanics.

There is power in a name, here's one - Diablo, it's the name of a game that has PKing and dueling, that people enjoyed playing for years, to the point that they will buy the next Diablo on pure reputation alone. I still cannot fathom the incompetence required to create D3 without the MOST FUN aspects of the previous Diablo games included.

If something should be renamed, it should be Blizzard - because as of now it is not the company most of the fans remember. Get PvP in Diablo 3 right please, prove the doubters wrong, I'll even buy Heart of the Swarm if you do.

unfortunately blizzard want to create a "safe" environment. The excitement of hc death by pk, nk pk dueling in softcore, random duels, even the possibility of not knowing what type of character you are facing for the first time. (fire, lightening or cold ect) and all the things that made diablo 2 exciting appear of been made redundant in this sequel.
i really hope the developers start to listen to the people who played diablo 1 and 2 who baught d3 on the back of those games. it cant be that hard to appreciate what was successful about d2 and equal if not better it.
I persist and sign, Arena Mode is the best way and definition of what it could be.

" http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7864606652?page=15#300 "

well all those questions from people asking what went wrong in the creation of D3 need to look no further than this post.....

im glad it took a brainstorming session and 4 paragraph explanation to remedy the error that was a terrible duelling system by renaming it to "brawling" a system.. It shares better similarity with other features in d3, in that it has no namesake to be measured/ criticised against and can now be conisdered "innovation" ...hahaha..

and to think so many fans criticise blizzard / D3 devs for becoming too corporate and patronising to its fanbase?

too "smart" for own good comes to mind..
The real BRAWL here is:

(1) Between the incredible talent of D3 artists and programmers that worked so hard on the game and were directed and the "OTHER" staff inside Blizzard that drive game direction based on a financial model and quite frankly it is the financial model the broke the game.

I am going to call it right now (sure I am not the first), they are planning to milk us and give us what we really want with the expansion. Effectively pay double for the same game. Wonder why new items get released with each patch? Other things done to stimulate the economy? Introduce features little by little? Picture the cow udders getting milked yet?

And don't get me started how you can't FARM GEAR in a GAME OF LOOT.. The AH is stocked with items that you want by Blizzard forcing you to get billions of gold to get what you want.. FOR EACH CHARACTER.. This model DOESN'T EVEN SUPPORT GAMEPLAY. It supports frustrations and GREED.

(2) Between the fans of Diablo, the dedication, the passion, the commitment to allocate TIME within our busy lives to try and play a game that we all wanted so bad... and the LACK OF LEADERSHIP to know what critical elements, balance, tweaks and areas of development are needed to make this game a success and live up to our expectations.

Shame on Blizzard for promoting a beta game, breaking our game hearts and wasting our time..
"hey lets make a diablo sequal.""great that sounds fun. we should totally put alot of time and effort on normal, nightmare, and hell mode progression""what about inferno, you know, the endgame? the reason people played d2 for 10 years?""uhh the what? screw it people will buy this game"thats probably what your conversations in the office are like

you .. DO realise that Inferno was what it was suppose to be? close to impossible ? And people like you cried and cried and cried to have it changed... and they changed it... now you're crying for them to put it back....

Brawling really does seem to suit it more.

It wasnt really dueling, glad it was changed :D

Keep up the good work.
Guys, leave them alone. If you don't like what they've sold you, quit playing, quit !@#$%ing and enjoy the game.

Blizz, you are doing okay by me and I can"'t wait for some brawls :)
Guys, leave them alone. If you don't like what they've sold you, quit playing, quit !@#$%ing and enjoy the game.

Blizz, you are doing okay by me and I can"'t wait for some brawls :)

This is Blizzard not Britney...If you can't understand outraged customers complaining about a product that is not what they paid for then maybe you should stay off the forums.

The fact is they did and continue to advertise D3 falsely as a pvp game...not bare bones brawling
Lylirra is a master troll. This entire thread/idea was to give em something to laugh at over the weekend. Mission accomplished lol.

I still enjoy the game and could give a damn what pvp is referred to as. When does the name "dueling/brawling" itself even come up? Don't see how it's ever at any time relevant. Though it would be nice if they had a sub-section of games dedicated to pvp. I gotta say, joining "Imprisoned Angel" and hoping to not roll the same exact people after a game has gotten quite old.

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