Dueling Re-Named to Brawling

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02/08/2013 11:48 AMPosted by Lylirra
There's a lot of power in a name
yeah, so much power has the name DIABLO that made me buy this unfinnished game.
Many people have commented that this change is pointless.

Blizz are doing it for a very good reason though.

We all asked for dueling to be introduced. Blizz knows that what we are about to be given in 1.07 is not dueling, so they're changing the name.

It's a last ditch attempt to difuse the rage that will soon arrive on these forums when people jump into one of these brawl games and realise it's nothing like what they were hoping for.

This kind of not-so-subtle manipulation really makes me mad.
I would hope you would consider some Exp gaining through brawling. Maybe through time in the Scorched Chapel adds exp at a certain rate as long as battles are taking place and then drops down after a certain time so people can fake bot fight. Then actual kills grant some moderate Exp too.

Give them a reason to brawl that doesnt make it feel like a waste of time while they could be looting or gaining Paragon.

Just my two cents. If you read, thanks.
I feel trolled by blizzard =(
02/08/2013 02:33 PMPosted by Bowser
i love how the renaming of the "preliminary PvP offering" in the next patch has people's panties in a bunch. oh, i'm sorry. underpants. ;)

Go work for the blizzard Devs, you belong there. No one cares what the formal definition of a duel is. We care about what it implies. A duel can be a single Team vs another single Team. A team believe it or not is a singular noun in all languages.

sure, but the current offering isn't going to be team versus team. it's a fight between 2 to 4 people. i'm sure if you call it a duel, the language police isn't going to find you and arrest you for incorrectly using the word but you may find spaniards saying stuff to you like "you keep saying that word... i don't think it means what you think it means."
Cant wait till the patch goes live to give it a try.

Have seen it before. Looks like fun.

No rewards though?

Could always give a magic or gold find buff if you win/play so many matches that carries over to the pve part of the game.
I totally agree.
Yeah... change the name. That will make it fun. LOL
02/08/2013 11:48 AMPosted by Lylirra
There's a lot of power in a name

Only Patrick Rothfuss can feed me that line for me to get excited about it. Considering the NAME of this game is the POWER you relied on to sell this product says quite a bit.
Oh stop grumble homies, I think that this is very good decision. Changing from Arena > Dueling > Brawling shows clearly the process of developing PvP in Diablo 3. Word "brawling" perfectly reflects current pvp system. Even uncle Google agrees! >>

Who cares? lol

Where is the QnA with the devs that was supposed to hit early this week? Does such a thing require so much manpower and time?

Players are much more interested in the future of this game than what we should call it when we fight each other...
Maybe we should just call it "Mexican Stand-Off" then...and is it that hard to come out with more maps than just "Scorched Chapel" or perhaps make 2v2 a possiblity without killing your ally? What do you guys do all day? Stop spending time on marquise rubies, we want ACTUAL pvp modes like the ones that were basically promised when we bought the game.
It will allways be PVP to me. PVP is the most general term. It works for any system where you can fight another real person. You can do 1on1 "duels" in the schorched chapel or you could do some 4 person FFA "Brawling". Its all PVP.
the reason i stopped playing brawler 3 , path of exile , and its free and it made by blizzard north team... farewell Activision Blizzard .... im done purchasing your games !
Im actually logging in to post something.

Another terrible useless blue reply... and only 1 response after like 3 + pages of.. OMG WTF WAS THAT?

You can tell they're probably reading all the replies going.. "Ok how do we formulate another BS answer".


lol hahahaha
sweet an update on, wait, THE NAME? who cares. pretty lame update there bub
So... "We made a bad game, wherein PvP is just one shotting one another, and instead of fixing it... we'll rename it and everyone will be happy!".

I'm guessing Jay Wilson wasn't forced off the project, his Position was just "renamed"...

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