Scammer Beware "I'm Watching U"

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Hi all..I would like to share a scam tactic that I have just experience first hand and though I didn't fall for it, I still thought it would be beneficial to share so all can be aware.

Here is what happen :

1. A guy in General and Trade chat claim he want to buy 2 socket pants with 180 vit and intel at 50 mil
2. I do quick search in AH and link him 2 pants(15mil B/O and 34mil B/O) with those property.
3. He claim he want to buy one for those pants which is B/O at 34mil.
4. I told him just to get it in AH. (just a friendly advice)
5. He said he couldnt find it.
6. He gone offline when I try to wisper him " have u found it yet?"
7. 1 min later I try sending mssg and he is online again but not on same trade and chat channel.
8. I whisper him " Dont try to scam people like that" and no reply
9. I recheck the pant and its gone from AH and also noted that the one he say he want to buy have lesser vital and intel stat than the one at 15 mil B/0 which is still there.

Well..Its a scam that pray on ones greed.
Yeah good on you for pointing it out, it's an old trick and has been in d3 for a long time haha
Well I have never heard or experience it first hand so thought to share so noboday can get scam.


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