Resplendent chests and random events should be buffed

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  • My HC journey
  • I *recently* reached Inferno (in HC) with my WD. She has poor DPS and the killing speed is rather slow, so I can't really do any speed XP run or any fast farming. I'm struggling to make gold, or even finding gear. I don't particularly hate this since it gives me some nostalgic feel (when I first reached Inferno with my DH).

    Anyway, I understand why the more casual players (the ones with "not so good gear") are discouraged with this game. With low class items, you kill everything so slowly and as a result, you earn gold really slowly. I'm lucky if I can make 100k gold from loots or/and by picking gold. While the brick wall is certainly not as insurmountable as pre-nerf Inferno, it's still high enough to discourage people.

    You need to find decent loots to progress. The problem? You're probably stuck in Act 1. We all know that act 3 is the best act to farm (act 2 can be decent with good gear). Newer players are now stuck in act 1.

    Act 1 and act 2 are rich in random events and shiny chests. If those were buffed, it would allow newer players to get decent loots on their own with low tier gear.

  • How it could be buffed?
  • *XP bonus upon completing random events.
    *Opening shiny chests could reward additional loots to make exploration more worthwhile.
    *Additional loots from random events.

  • Expected consequences of buffing chests and events
  • *Players who are not wearing good gear would explore dungeons and do random events (since efficiency is not really in their vocabulary yet) and they would be rewarded by additional XP, loots and gold. This would allow them to get decent amount of loots for their time spent and allow them to break through the brick wall faster.

  • Act 1-2 vs Act 3
  • *Act 3 will remain the uncontested best place to farm XP if you got good DPS. Nothing will change in that regard. People might be rewarded a little more if they happen to find some events or open some shiny chests during their act 3 run.

    *Act 1 and act 2 are now better places for people with lower DPS.

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