I cannot get the gibbering gemstone

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I have reloaded the map Destroy Ballistae at least 100 times now, and fought in the Caves of Frost at least 70 times and Chiltara has NOT appeared ONCE in the second level of the Caves of Frost, just some other bozo bosses that don't help me at all. How in the h-e-l-l do you get that d-a-m-n-e-d
Chiltara to appear? I have the rest of the items for the secret level but cannot get the gemstone because I can't even get Chiltara to spawn? Could somone put this in the auction house to buy? I have about 200,000 gold. I don't think it will EVER appear. EVER. Something is screwed up with my copy of this game. I am tired of fight off all those monsters and then destroying the three weapons to get to the cave which ALWAYS spawns at the same point. The Icefall caves (which are USELESS) also spawn at the same point as the caves of frost. I am reloading the map correctly because when I start to play none of the places are marked - it's a small blank map with NO markings when I start to play the level. I have leveled up 3 times trying to get the d-a-m-n-e-d Chiltara to spawn but the game will NOT spawn it. I will also pay cash in the auction house for the stone. Please HEEEEEELLLPPP.
I want to move on in the game and quit looping in Destroy Ballistae. Thank You....

It's BOP, so no auction house.

02/07/2013 11:08 PMPosted by bobgroz
destroying the three weapons to get to the cave which

Are you talking about the quest goals? You don't need to do this to get the cave to spawn. If they're on your way, sure, take them out if you want, but you don't need to. Just run, kill what you have to, and if you see the other cave, TP and exit game.

Sadly I have to tell you it's RNG and IS currently working properly (I found it with my friend last week.)

I got mine on my sixth try; another of my friends went over 50 (as he says.)

It took me three weeks to get the "Ancient Urn" result to finish the ancient device. (I had 5/10 when I started.) Trust me, I know your pain.

EDIT: Come back later when you've almost cleared normal (or further, as you can find it with the same chance on any difficulty, and normal is easiest for kills) just to make your farming faster and the kills easier. Whimsyshire is roughly Act IV difficulty, anyway.

(Although you are overleveled and possibly overgeared for where you are at, so it might not be too bad.)
Start act 3 from the last quest and get 5 stacks - basically do your normal run and eventually caverns of frost will throw him at you. I've gotten at least 5+Gibbering Gemstones that i didn't need from farming. Start in keep depths, clear lvl 1-3 as fast as you can and then go to bridge of korsikk and find the cave(idk if valor is an issue but it couldn't hurt). remember Chiltara isn't always on lvl 2. go slow and make sure the entire cave is actually cleared. GL
02/07/2013 11:21 PMPosted by circasomnia
Start act 3 from the last quest and get 5 stacks

Dude's 32. There are no stacks.
Gemstone is a guaranteed drop from Chiltara anyway--MF does nothing, it's just a matter of if Chiltara spawns or not.
weird ... ive killed him several times recently ... i always stop to stare at the shiny coming from the ground for like 5 seconds and then walk away
ive had the gemstone for months but today i was doing the cavern of frost run/icefall=leave game almosts 4 hours hitting at least 80+caverns fullcleared with no luck so keep trying bro its their i know i'll be doing more tomarrow with him just to get that -on a side note been lookin 4 data miner 4 weeks with no luckbut today on my first try he spawned,,,,hurray
As Japhasca mentioned, you have no need to destroy all weapon, just load game and run to find out whether it's a Icefall or Caves of Frost, if it's Icefall then quit and reload. Secondly, i was told by someone that you may need to search for entire level 2 map cause Chiltara will hide and will not appear if you are not get close to her. So keep walking to every spot in level 2 map... Wish you get luck next run. ^^
02/07/2013 11:31 PMPosted by Dark777
been lookin 4 data miner 4 weeks with no luckbut today on my first try he spawned

Another good example of how it's all pretty much random. Dataminer was the first named ghost I found, and it was on my first run through at normal.

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