advice on next piece to upgrade

please take a look at my current gear make up. tell me which piece you would upgrade next, and why...... please include which stats you think I should look for when shopping...

I prefer dual wielding, but I do have a decent skorn also.
More AR on shoulders. At least 70. They're fairly cheap. Don't skimp on it.

After that you'll need to work on getting close to 50% crit chance. 39.5% isn't quite there yet. Get them on the rings.

Your IK helm and Fire Walkers could be upgraded too when you have the budget. Maybe 17x 9ias Str Mempo with IK boots (to maintain 2-piece set bonus). Get the pickup radius on shoulders instead.

Socket on weapons, definitely.
how do you prioritize stats on rings?

Crit Chance > Crit dmg > AS% ?

how much AS% would you sacrifice to get how much crit chance?
ok, I took your suggestions, got mempo wth socket, shoulders with 70+ AR, and rings with crit% and crit dmg. but I lost a bunch of attack speed and a pretty hefty amount of DPS.

cannot seem to find a offhand weapon better than warrior blood either.... (at least not below 3 mil)
it doesnt help that the auction house doesnt give you the +/- breakdown on gear....
Umm... I said crit chance, not crit damage on rings. D:

For wwnado, you should focus chc + ias. chd shouldn't be priority on non-weapons until you can get a comfortable amount of chc and enough ias to hit the APS breakpoints.

2.00001-2.22222 aps - 9 fpt - 6.67 tps - 133.33% dps - 20 ticks - 400% dmg
2.22223-2.50000 aps - 8 fpt - 7.50 tps - 150.00% dps - 23 ticks - 460% dmg
2.50001-2.85714 aps - 7 fpt - 8.57 tps - 171.43% dps - 26 ticks - 520% dmg

The above breakpoints are for duelwielding.

Sheet DPS is misleading for wwnado. You should make use of to check your "tDPS" (Import your profile, check Skill Damage for ww+rltw damage). Sometimes a drop in sheet DPS would result in higher tDPS because you reach a new breakpoint.

You can also use to check whether a weapon is an upgrade or not. More advance gear simulation can be done at

For simple AH gear check, you can shift-click on the item and link it to chat. Then you enter the game, click on said item and see whether it's a +/-. Comparison doesn't take into account sockets/gems or set bonus.

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