Need help w/MP1+

Demon Hunter
I die way too quickly in MP1. I don't know if I need more damage or more health. If it's more health, what should I sacrifice for it?

Any suggestions on gear upgrades or skill changes would be much appreciated.
Your life is a little low for mp1, i'd shoot for like 35k
But your AR all resist is your big problem right now, it's 248, you should be rocking over 300 for mp0

If you work on switching out those pants for inna's you'll see a 12% Move.sp. boost, but it will also boost your dps because you will see that +130dex, and an ehp boost.
Getting AR on your bracers will help
from what I can see you are only running 173 All Resist along with your 29k HP.

with lower HP and lower AR this is not a great combination for survivability.

I would 1st recommend you stay at MP0 for the time being until you can make upgrades to benefit your survivability.

For each character you have 13 gear pieces including Main Hand and Off Hand

Looking at survivability with your current gear from a VIT/AR Perspective here is what I see

21 Resist All
13% life

73 Resist all
75 Vit

0 Resist All
11% Life

0 Resit All
0 Life/Vit

0 Resist All
0 Life/Vit

0 Resist All
0 Life/Vit

0 Resist All
55 Vit

Ring 1
0 Resist All
0 Vit/Life

Ring 2
0 Resist All
0 Vit/Life

0 Resist All
105 Vit

79 Resist All
0 Vit/Life

MH Weapon
39 Vit

OH Quiver
187 Vit

You really need Vit/Life% as well as AR.

Currently you have 10 out of 13 pieces (76.92%) without any Resist All on them (granted you cannot have resistall on all pieces like weapons and DML Quiver). However you should clearly see this is a problem only having Resistall on only 3 pieces

Currently you have 6 out of 13 pieces (46.15%) with no vit/life on them (granted you most likely won't have vit on every single piece but that number is awfully high.

I'd certainly be looking at gear that gives you some survivability and if need be reduce your CC on some items to go with lower CC amounts to boost up AR/VIT/AR on them if you can't affort to upgrade pieces keeping the same stats.

Your DPS seems a bit low for MP1 to me. I like at least 130k+ for MP1 although there is no hard and fast rule for this. lower dps just means you will take longer to kill and that means you need more survivability.

At the stage you are at I'd really look at the potential of changing out a few skills. At least consider switching them for your own benefit.

I'd change the Bola rune to the ThunderBall rune. This gives the chance to stun enemies.

I'd also consider changing rapid fire to a skill that works better on packs than lower quantities of individual targets. A very popular one to use is Spiked Traps. There are several good runes for this like scatter or echoing which can help you out quite a bit.

If you look at changing the bola rune I mentioned above for a stun I would recommend perhaps replacing jagged spike caltrops with Marked For Death skill. there are 2 really good choices for this for those who are a bit underpowered. Valley of Death Rune puts a hard 12yrd circle on the ground and enemies in that area will take damage of 12%. Other good rune for MFD is GrimReaper. This allows you to select a target and it puts up a 20yrd circle that actually follows that target and all enemies in that 20yrd circle get 12% of your damage spread amongst them. for me I'm a big fan of the GrimReaper Rune. Each rune has plus and minus to them in some aspects. for Melee the Valley of Death rune is great because you can put that hard circle around you as mobs collapse on you. but it doesn't have as good of AOE as Grim Reaper. Grim Reaper has the best AOE but not as great for non-melee which may like to run away like fallen, sand wasps, succubus, etc.

those are some initial suggestions.

also on a side note... and please take this with a grain of salt.... adding +dmg is a waste to your setup IMO on your jewelry. you have very low ASI and +AVG DMG on rings/amulet typically will benefit higher ASI gear. Normally with running slow gear (limited ASI affixes on gear) you will get a lot more bang for your buck (especially with already being at 40% CC) of having CRIT DAMAGE over the Avg Damage. It isn't wrong what you are doing but you do have fairly low CD (195% according to spec sheet). I think you would gain a lot more benefit having CC/CD on your jewelry over avg dmg and CC. This is a personal choice ... but think you will be better off going with CD over avg damage at this point.
Your life is a little low for mp1, i'd shoot for like 35k
But your AR all resist is your big problem right now, it's 248, you should be rocking over 300 for mp0

If you work on switching out those pants for inna's you'll see a 12% Move.sp. boost, but it will also boost your dps because you will see that +130dex, and an ehp boost.

the problem with the "ehp boost" is it is somewhat "fake". Adding inna pants to go with the inna belt may certainly increase the dex substantially as you do get the +130 bonus. The problem though is he would be losing 105 vit on the pants (unless he can afford like stat inna pants to not lose any more VIT/HP).

While the dodge% increases with more dex the gain of ehp is a little bit of a fake number many don't seem to think about. They just see they have more EHP and are happy. Simply increasing DEX which increases the dodge which increases the EHP ... only helps dodging shots/hits. However getting hit or shot you still end up with just as bad survivability. This is one reason I do like the d3up website because you can look at ehp without dodge factored in (diabloprogress factors in the dodge when it shows unbuffed ehp).
Thanks for your responses all.

BubbaGump - thank you for spending the time to review in such detail. I'm sitting on ~5m right now and was hesitant to upgrade too many things without getting some input. I swapped out some of my AR gear for more crit gear but I understand I'm not balanced as well as I should be.

I will continue farming until I can afford some better upgrades and will be reviewing your suggestions in depth later tonight.

Again much appreciated.
I didnt look at your skills last time so I'll suggest something you can try.

Change your tactical advantage to something that will give you more disc. I'd try vengeance or nightstalker since you have decent CC. Then I'd drop rapid fire since it find it useless when I reached act3 nightmare. I'd try cluster arrow loaded for bear or multishot which I think are better for the second slot. A sentry with guardian turret rune is also good to help your weak ehp.
Ring - thanks for the feedback. I'm curious why rapid fire isn't recommended by many DH out there. It seems to be a common thread so I'll look at the suggestions, but I've found it very useful when farming MP0. Maybe that's the difference - it's good for MP0 but nothing past.

Much appreciated

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